Why Set Up A Home Gym?

Why Set Up A Home Gym?

Currently, fitness has become a way of life for a large part of the population and many of them are choosing to forego the traditional gym and set up a room at home to have their own personal gym.

A personal fitness room at home can be the solution for those people who find it difficult to go to a gym, or for those people who, on the contrary, like to go to the gym but also want to have the equipment to do sports in their own home. Training at home brings benefits that are mainly translated into saving time and saving money.

Gyms are often full of people. And the worst part is the time when you have to use a machine or the bench to bench press and it’s busy, so you have to wait, which means lost time and efficiency in your training. All this does not happen in home gyms, this problem does not exist since you are the only one who can use the machines at your own pace, in your environment, and without wasting time.

Lack of time is one of the main reasons for choosing to start your own home gym. But, although it may not seem like it a priori, saving money is another advantage of having a home gym. The initial outlay to buy equipment for your own gym may seem like a lot compared to a commercial gym fee, but if you think long term, your team will only pay once as the gym fee adds up, and in the long run, You will have paid much more than what you spend in your own gym.

And if you want to save even more money with your personal gym, you can take into account the new ecological gym current. There are more and more concepts and forms of training that do not make the machinery that is connected to the current indispensable. However, those that need the power to record training or function are becoming more and more ecological, which is why energy savings are achieved in the home.

Functional And Affordable Home Gym

You should know how to choose the machinery that is needed to set up a home gym in the most economical and complete way. The most important thing is to be clear about the equipment and materials that are essential.

The best thing to know about which equipment to choose is to buy the different machines and equipment that you need little by little, within your budget, and gradually expand your equipment as you need it in the future.

Choosing The Basic Equipment To Set Up A Home Gym

There are many products that promise incredible results with a small investment.

Home cardio machines

To set up a home gym, a cardio machine is essential. Depending on your goals and training habits, you will find in this category:

Exercise bikes.
Rowing machines.

Before choosing the most suitable machine, it is worth checking the most important functional and performance characteristics.

It is important that you adapt the purchase of the devices to your objectives because the investment is worth it if the devices are suitable for your needs.

Weights And Calisthenics Equipment For Your Home Gym

Dumbbell exercises are an essential part of all strength training programs. They can be used to build muscle mass, strength, or explosive strength and endurance.

Dumbbells help balance progression and follow forward stability. This stability is necessary for certain parts of the body such as the biceps, triceps, and shoulders. In addition, it allows greater ergonomics in the exercise, since by lifting the weight with each hand and not in a unique way, the exercise adapts to each situation and physical constitution, since the body reacts to each training session.

In addition to dumbbells, there are a wide variety of tools that will help you perform exercises with your own weight ( calisthenics ):

Parallels or parallel bars.
Jump rope.
Plyometric box.
Chin-up bar.

And many other accessories to choose from elastic bands, mats, rollers, kettlebells, weight vests, TRX for HIIT training, etc.

By combining weights with calisthenics you will be able to achieve your strength and weight maintenance goals without the need for the complex (and expensive) machines of a commercial gym.

In addition, this type of equipment adapts to all physical requirements and will allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises regardless of your physical level.

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