Who Is Mohamed Salah’s Wife Magi Salah: Everything We Know About Her

Who Is Mohamed Salah’s Wife Magi Salah: Everything We Know About Her

Magi Salah is the wife of Mohamed Salah who was born on June 15, 1992 and is known by fans as the Egyptian Messi. In recent years, Mohamed Salah has become a prominent player in the Liverpool team and has become a celebrity among fans for his speed, dribbling and polish.

He’s certainly one of the most iconic football players of our time, but what do we know about his private life? Here’s everything you need to know about Mohamed Salah’s wife, Magi Salah.

Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife, Magi Salah?

Magi Sadeq was born in 1994 in Nagrig, a hamlet of Gharbia in Egypt. The same neighborhood where Salah was born. Magi Sadeq has three sisters, one is her twin Mohab and the others are Mahy and Miram. Both of her parents were teachers at the Mohammed Eyad Al Tantawi School, where Salah and Magi met.

The twin sisters received bachelor’s degrees from the business school in Alexandria. There was a false rumor that she has a biotechnology degree as there is an Instagram account in her name that mentioned it. However, that is not true.

Magi has been a supportive wife throughout Salah’s career. She is often seen in the stands encouraging her spouse at games. She wears the Hijab and is a sincere follower of Islam.

Magi Salah is a very private person and she doesn’t reveal every aspect of her life to her fans like the other player’s wife. Magi doesn’t even have an Instagram account. However, Salah posts pictures of his wife and daughter One of the most popular ways .

How did Mohamed Salah and Magi Sadeq meet?

Magi Sadeq was a classmate of Salah during the elementary and junior years. Their love stories began when they were in school. Magi and Salah started dating very young. The couple dated for a few years before deciding it was time to move on and get married.

On December 17, 2013, Salah and Magi were married in Nagrig, Egypt. At the time, Salah had just returned to his village after his first break in European football as a member of the Swiss Basel football team.

The wedding was a spectacular event that united the whole city. Some prominent Egyptian faces were among the hundreds who attended the wedding, including singers Hamada Hilal, Sa’ad Al Sughayar and Abdel Basset Hamouda.

Later in October 2014, the couple welcomed their first daughter at Westminster Hospital in London. It was named “Makka” after the holy Islamic city of Mecca. They deliberately chose a different spelling of their daughter’s name, as they didn’t want to be confused with “Mecca Bingo” from Great Britain.

When Makka was born, Mohamed Salah was playing for Chelsea. Even though Makka and Magi try to hide their pictures from the media light, Salah regularly posted their pictures on ‘Instagram.

Mo Salah and Magi Salah were blessed with another daughter, Kayyan, in February 2023.


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