The Candida Diet: Top Foods To Eat And To Avoid

The Candida Diet: Top Foods To Eat And To Avoid

Candida is a yeast that lives in the body without producing any symptoms or discomfort. The problem appears if this yeast grows excessively, which is when the infection and discomfort appear. Some of the causes may be taking antibiotics, times of high stress, or sensitivity to menstrual hygiene products such as tampons.

After fighting this infection for a long time taking suppositories and creams, I discovered the role that food plays. For this reason, today I want to share with you the keys to an anti-candida diet. What are the best foods to avoid it?

Candida Diet

You may be wondering, what does food have to do with a vaginal infection? I was also surprised, but it turns out that this fungus lives in the intestinal flora, and an acidic pH in our body can favor the growth of this yeast in excess.

It feeds particularly on sugar and carbohydrates, so on some occasions, apart from using creams and suppositories, it is necessary to follow a diet for candidiasis, and thus stop feeding this fungus. 

Foods To Eat In Candidiasis

To carry out a candida diet, it is important to avoid all foods high in carbohydrates, yeasts, and sugars; because these are the main sources of food for this fungus. In addition, the ideal is to reinforce it with anti-inflammatory and antifungal foods that help strengthen our immune system.

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Avocado is one of those foods for candidiasis and also for hormonal health. It is rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, two powerful antioxidants, and provides essential healthy fats to balance our hormones and fight the overgrowth of fungi in our bodies. 

Kale or kale

This cruciferous, like other green leafy vegetables such as spinach or arugula, will be your best ally. You can consume as much as you want since it is an alkaline food that helps detoxify the body. It helps us fight bacteria, balance hormones, and take care of our overall health. 


Do you know that cinnamon is one of the most recommended foods to combat candidiasis? It helps regulate the level of sugar in the blood and allows you to sweeten and flavor recipes, thus avoiding the use of added sugars. 


Garlic is known as the quintessential natural antibiotic. Try to include it in all the dressings of your green leaf and avocado salads. You can also make a natural pesto with it. To lick your fingers!


Especially those that are not starches, such as potatoes or sweet potatoes. The idea is to include as many vegetables on your plate as you can, and this should be the basis of your diet for candida. Not only to control blood sugar but to take care of health and provide the vitamins and antioxidants that our body needs most at that time.


The lemon is also going to be your great ally in your breakfasts to eliminate the candida fungus because it is a fruit that is alkalizing.

What does this mean? Well, it helps balance the pH of our body, so that our body can regain health.

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Avoid Foods For Candida

In the case of candidiasis, there are prohibited foods that you should avoid for a few months, especially those that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates such as flour, non-whole grains, and excess fruit. However, it is also important to avoid… 

Dairy products

Most dairy products, such as yogurt or milk, contain fermentable sugars and lactose, two inflammatory components. Both affect not only inflammation but also our hormonal balance. 

Sugar and foods with added sugars

Within this group of prohibited foods for candida, I am not only referring to the sugar next to that coffee in the morning, but also to all the added refined sugars. It has been shown that by eliminating sugar and foods rich in it, such as cookies or industrial cereals, the symptoms of the infection improve. 


Alcohol is also rich in sugar, so it also becomes one of the forbidden foods for candidiasis. This group includes beer, wine, and other spirits. Try swapping that glass for a soothing iced tea, it’s naturally sweet!


Coffee increases the degree of acidity of the organism. When we are carrying out a candida diet we seek to balance our pH, so it is very important to stay away from these types of drinks for a while. In addition, both tea and coffee upset us and increase our stress levels, and as I mentioned before, this is a factor that can also make this fungus proliferate. 

Other Tips Against Candidiasis

Beyond a proper candidiasis diet, I think it is also extremely important to take into account other factors that affect our vaginal health. My main advice is to avoid disposable menstrual products and opt for environmentally friendly and non-abrasive alternatives such as menstrual cups or cloth pads.

Tampons alter our vaginal pH and dry out the mucous membranes, causing greater abrasion in the area affected by the overgrowth of fungi. The same goes for disposable pads, which not only contain plastic and cellulose, but also numerous chemicals that directly affect our health. 

Wearing cotton underwear is always essential in case of vaginal infection, as well as avoiding wearing jeans or very tight pants that prevent perspiration. And in summer, try not to wear wet clothes, like a bikini, for too long. 

And now that you know the anti-candida diet that you should take, you need to know that suffering from this infection on a recurring basis is hard and can also affect our emotional and psychological state. For this reason, I encourage you to change the chip and convince yourself that there is a cure because it does. You don’t know the great power that the mind has on our health.

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