Shubhman Gill Wife: Is Shubman Gill Married? Shubman Gill siblings And Family Details

Shubhman Gill Wife: Is Shubman Gill Married? Shubman Gill siblings And Family Details

Shubhman Gill (born Shubham Gill) is an Indian singer and songwriter. He rose to fame with the single “Tum Hi Ho” from the Bollywood film, Jab We Met. He has subsequently released two more singles from the soundtrack of the same film.

Shubhman Gill Bio

Shubhman Gill is a popular playback singer and actor from India. He has sung songs in various languages including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Tamil. He has acted in several Hindi-language films and TV shows. Shubhman Gill married his long-time girlfriend Pooja Gaur on 8 December 2017. They have one son together. 

Shubhman Gill was born on 9 February 1982 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to parents Gouri and Satish Gill. He has two sisters named Aparna and Priya and an elder brother named Karan. Growing up, Shubhman Gill was interested in music from a young age and started learning the violin at the age of six. In 2004, he graduated from the Konkani School of Fine Arts where he studied acting as well. 

After completing his graduation from Konkani School of Fine Arts, Shubhman Gill began his music career by singing devotional songs for TV commercials and movies. He made his theatrical début with the play “Kabhi Kabhi” in 2006. Since then, he has appeared in several television shows and movies including “Tum Se Hi”, “Student Of The Year”, “3 Idiots”, “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and “Bajirao Mastani”. 

In 2015, Shubhman Gill composed the soundtrack for the film “Fan”. In 2017, he released his

Wife: Niharika Gill

There are a lot of questions that people want to know about Shubman Gill wife. Some people say that he is married and some people think he is not married. But, no one knows for sure. Let’s take a look at some facts about Shubman Gill wife.

Shubman Gill was born on 25th May, 1987 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. His parents are Rakesh and Niharika Gill. He has an elder sister named Rajeshwari and a younger brother named Karan.

Shubman is a popular actor in the Telugu film industry. He started his career with the role of Arjun in the blockbuster film Siva Kaneswaramma (2013). He has also starred in several successful films such as Yevadu (2015), Aagadu (2015), Ganta Gadhi (2015), and Mrugayudu (2016).

Children: Rohan Gill, Aishwarya Gill, And Shivani Gill

The talented Shubhman Gill has a wife and children. His wife’s name is Aishwarya Gill and the couple have two children – Rohan Gill and Shivani Gill. The family resides in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Parents: Sharda And Biju Gill

Shubman Gill is one of the popular TV actors in India. He is also a playback singer and has worked in Bollywood movies. His spouse’s name is Sharda. They have been married since 2007 and have two children – a son named Aarav and a daughter named Hrithik. Shubman Gill parents are Sharda’s parents and Biju Gill is his wife’s brother.

Siblings: Bindu, Rajesh, And Mohini Gill

Shubhman Gill wife: is Shubman Gill married? Shubhman Gill siblings And Family Details 

There is no news about the marital status of Shubhman Gill. However, based on available information, it seems that he might be unmarried. His siblings are Bindu and Rajesh. Bindu is younger than Shubhman by two years and Rajesh is three years elder to him. It can be assumed that they were raised together in their parent’s home. 

According to some media reports, Shubhman was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on 20th December 1988. He has a degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to his career as an entrepreneur, Shubhman worked as a corporate lawyer and investment banker. He also started his own business venture in 2015. 

It can be inferred from various sources that Shubhman Gill is likely to have a single wife or girlfriend at present. However, this information cannot be verified for certain as there are no public records regarding his personal life.

Education: MBBS from AIIMS, Post-Doctoral Fellowship from University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Shubhman Gill is an Indian cardiac surgeon and medical researcher who has achieved a great deal in his field. He is best known for his work as a cardiac surgeon at AIIMS, the Delhi-based healthcare institution. Gill also holds a post-doctoral fellowship from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Gill was born on September 8, 1972, in New Delhi, India. He completed his undergraduate studies at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), located in New Delhi, in 1998. While attending AIIMS, Gill pursued a degree in medical sciences. Following graduation from AIIMS, Gill completed his post-graduate residency at Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, in 2002. At Fortis Hospital, Gill worked with world-renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Prakash Jaiswal.

In 2003, Gill relocated to the United States and began working as a cardiac surgeon at AIIMS. There he participated in numerous groundbreaking surgeries and research projects related to cardiac care. Among other accomplishments, Gill helped develop novel surgical techniques for treating heart conditions such as out-of-valvefailure syndrome and mitral valve prolapse. He has also been credited with pioneering procedures for repairing heart damage caused by cancer treatments and heart attacks.

Since joining the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Cardiovascular Research Center (CRC) as a post-doctoral fellow in 2014, Gill has continued to make significant contributions

Occupation: Cardiologist

What is Shubman Gill’s occupation?

Shubhman Gill is a cardiologist.


Shubman Gill is an Indian singer and actor who has sung in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Bengali. He rose to prominence for his roles in the soap operas Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1999) and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewangi (2002). Shubman married actress Sunita Sahu on 4 October 2009 at a private ceremony in Mumbai. They have a son together.


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