NBA Players With Long Hair

NBA Players With Long Hair

The NBA is full of diverse and unique players, and when it comes to unique hairstyles, no one rocks it quite like the players with long hair! From wild and wavy to sleek and sophisticated, NBA players are making a bold fashion statement. With their long-haired looks and signature styles, these basketball stars are turning heads on and off the court.

Whether it’s for on-court performance or off-court swagger, these players are proving that long hair is here to stay. From classic man buns to daring faux-hawks, NBA players are setting trends and showing us that anything is possible.

NBA Players With Long Hair 

Rick Barry 

The former NBA Player Rick Barry has always been known for his iconic look. With a full head of dark curly hair, Barry was an unmistakable figure on the court. His hair was often seen bouncing around as he ran up and down the court, with the occasional wild strand sticking out.

Rick Barry Long Hair Pic
Rick Barry Long Hair Pic

For many, Barry was an inspiration. His hair was a statement, a representation of his passion and commitment to the game. It was also an expression of his fearless attitude, which was evident in his playing style.

Barry’s hair has been the subject of much comment over the years. Some have called it iconic, while others have labeled it wild and out of control. But the majority of comments about his hair have been positive. His hair has been described as beautiful, strong, and full of life. 

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is best known for his wild hair, tattoos, and of course, basketball. He’s one of the most recognizable and beloved players in NBA history. But there’s one thing about him that’s often overlooked—his long hair.

Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

For many years, Rodman had a signature look: a mohawk with shaved sides and a long, straight mane of hair extending down his back. This look has been with him for decades, and it’s become an iconic part of his style. But why does he have long hair?

For one, it’s part of his identity. Rodman’s long hair is a symbol of his individuality and his refusal to conform to traditional conventions. He often says that his hair is an expression of his freedom and an expression of his creativity.

Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant was one of the most iconic NBA players of all time. His legacy is remembered and celebrated by fans around the world. 

But one of the most memorable things about Kobe was his long hair. Kobe sported long locks during his time in the NBA, and he had a unique style that was often copied by his teammates and other players in the league. His long hair was an integral part of his persona and also a source of inspiration for many. 

Kobe Bryant Long Hair Pic
Kobe Bryant Long Hair Pic

Kobe’s iconic long hair was a way for him to express himself and show off his individuality. It was also a way for him to stand out in a league of many talented players. His long hair was a symbol of power and confidence, and it was a reminder of his greatness on the court. 

From the famous topknot to his flowing curls, Kobe’s long hair was a part of his legacy. His commitment to this look was even more evident in the fact that he refused to cut it for any reason. Throughout his NBA career, Kobe’s hair never changed. It was an iconic part of his persona and something that will always be remembered.

LeBron James 

LeBron James is one of the most celebrated basketball players in the history of the game. He has been a four-time NBA MVP and has led the league in scoring seven times. But one thing that has stood out about the 6-foot-8 NBA star is his long, luxurious locks. 

LeBron James  Long Hair Pic
LeBron James Long Hair Pic

Since entering the NBA in 2003, LeBron has grown out his hair, making it one of his signature looks. He wears it in a variety of hairstyles, from a shaggy mane to a sleek top knot, but his long hair has remained a consistent part of his style. 

LeBron isn’t the only NBA player to be noted for his long hair. Players such as Dirk Nowitzki, Jamal Crawford, and Nick Young all sported long hair in the past. But LeBron’s hair stands out among the rest, especially when he’s on the court.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the most recognizable NBA players of all time. Not only for his amazing basketball talent but also for his signature long hair. Nowitzki’s signature long locks have been a part of his signature look since he entered the NBA in 1998.

Dirk Nowitzki Long Hair Pic
Dirk Nowitzki Long Hair Pic

Nowitzki’s long hair has become an iconic part of his look. His long locks are often seen hanging down to his shoulders, framing his face and emphasizing his height. With his long hair combined with his tall stature, Nowitzki looks almost larger than life. 

Nowitzki’s long hair has become something of a trademark. It is a constant reminder of his unique style and attitude. He has become a role model for many young basketball fans, inspiring them to be themselves and to take pride in their own unique look. 

Current NBA Players With Long Hairs

Precious Ezinna Achiuwa

Precious Achiuwa, the first-round pick of the Miami Heat in the 2020 NBA draft, is quickly becoming a fan favorite for his on-court intensity and off-court charisma. But what may be most striking about the 6-foot-9 forward is his long, flowing hair. 

Precious Ezinna Achiuwa Long Hair Pic
Precious Ezinna Achiuwa Long Hair Pic

Achiuwa’s trademark dreads have made him one of the most recognizable players in the league and an inspiration to many. He has embraced his unique style, and fans have taken notice. 

It’s no wonder why fans have become so enamored with Achiuwa’s signature look. His hair is a statement; an expression of his individuality and a way to stand out from the crowd. He often rocks his dreads in a ponytail, sometimes with a headband.

Steven Adams 

Steven Adams is an NBA All-Star who is known for his signature long-hair look. The Oklahoma City Thunder center is known for his long locks and for his steady play on the court. Adams is one of the NBA’s most recognizable figures and his long hair has become a major part of his signature look. 

Steven Adams Long Hair
Steven Adams Long Hair

Adams was born and raised in New Zealand and his long hair has been a part of his look since high school. His hair is so long that it can be seen from the stands when he is on the court. Adams is even known to tie his hair up in a ponytail for games, which is a unique part of his look.

Ochai Agbaji

Ochai Agbaji is an American basketball player who currently plays for the NCAA Division I team, the University of Kansas Jayhawks. He is a 6-foot-5 guard who was born in Dallas, Texas. He is known for his long hair, which he often wears in dreadlocks or braids. 

Ochai Agbaji Long Hair
Ochai Agbaji Long Hair

Ochai Agbaji began his basketball career at the young age of seven when he started playing in the Boys and Girls Club. He was a three-star recruit who received offers from numerous schools. He chose to attend the University of Kansas, where he has played for the Jayhawks since his freshman year. 

Since arriving at the University of Kansas, Ochai Agbaji has become an elite player. In his freshman season, he averaged 9.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, and 1.2 assists per game. This earned him a spot on the Big 12 All-Freshman Team. In his sophomore season, he was even better, averaging 12.9 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game, while shooting 44.8% from the three-point line. He earned Big 12 Player of the Week honors during his sophomore season. 

Jarrett Allen

Jarrett Allen has been making waves on the NBA court and in the world of fashion. The Brooklyn Nets center has been turning heads with his unique style of play and his signature long hair. 

At 6’10”, Jarrett Allen stands out for his size, but his long hair makes him even more of a standout. He wears it in a low ponytail that often reaches down to his chest. He has a thick, dark mane of hair that he often styles in different ways. 

Jarrett Allen Long Hair
Jarrett Allen Long Hair

Jarrett Allen was born in Austin, Texas, and attended the University of Texas. He was drafted in 2017 by the Brooklyn Nets and has since become a starting center for the team. He averages 11 points and 8 rebounds per game and has been instrumental in the Nets’ recent success. 

Off the court, Jarrett Allen has built a reputation as a fashion icon. He’s often seen in the latest trends, from bespoke suits to vintage tees. His style is often described as streetwear-inspired, and his long hair is one of his most recognizable features.

Jose Alvarado

Jose Alvarado, the point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, is a rising star in the NBA. With his long hair, he has become one of the most recognizable players in the league. 

Jose Alvarado Long Hair
Jose Alvarado Long Hair

Jose Alvarado’s journey to the NBA started in his hometown of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He began playing basketball at a young age and eventually joined the local amateur league. After attending a basketball camp in Puerto Rico, Alvarado was offered a scholarship to attend high school in Florida. He improved and eventually earned a spot on the University of South Florida Bulls basketball team. 

At South Florida, Alvarado quickly became a fan favorite due to his incredible shooting and ability to get to the basket. He was also known for his long hair, which he kept in a ponytail during games. His long hair had become a signature look for Alvarado and it helped to set him apart from other players in the league.

Cole Anthony

Cole Anthony is an NBA Player who is quickly gaining attention for his long hair. The Orlando Magic star has been sporting the long, flowing locks for a few years now, and it has quickly become a part of his signature look. His hair has garnered plenty of attention from fans and fellow NBA players alike, with many praising him for his bold and unique style. 

Cole Anthony Long Hair Pic
Cole Anthony Long Hair Pic

Cole Anthony’s long hair is a testament to his easy-going and carefree attitude. The North Carolina native is proud of his look and enjoys experimenting with different hairstyles. He often changes his hair’s length, texture, and color, allowing him to express himself through his hair. Cole Anthony’s hair has become a part of his identity and is a reflection of his cool and confident character.

O.G. Anunoby

O.G. Anunoby is an NBA player who is well known for his long hair. The Toronto Raptors forward was born in London, England, and grew up in Jefferson City, Missouri. Anunoby has always been a fan of the game of basketball and even earned a scholarship to the University of Indiana to play for the Hoosiers.

O.G. Anunoby Long Hair Pic
O.G. Anunoby Long Hair Pic

Anunoby was drafted by the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft. His long hair has been a signature look since he first appeared in the NBA, and he is often seen sporting a variety of different hairstyles. Anunoby has been known to wear a bun, a man bun, and even a mohawk. 

Anunoby’s long hair is a big part of his image, as it helps him stand out on the court. It also helps him to make a statement of his own. His style is unique and his hair is often a conversation starter when he is out in public.

Marvin Bagley iii

Marvin Bagley III is a professional basketball player for the Sacramento Kings in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Born in Arizona in 1999, Bagley was an early standout in high school and earned McDonald’s All-American honors in 2018. He was the second overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft and is already making an impact in the NBA with his impressive athleticism and skill set. 

Marvin Bagley iii Long Hair Pic
Marvin Bagley iii Long Hair Pic

One of the first things that many people notice when they look at Bagley is his remarkable hair. While many NBA players keep their hair short, Bagley stands out with his long hair which he often wears in a ponytail. His long locks are part of his unique style and have become a signature look for him. 

The purpose of Bagley’s long hair is twofold. On the one hand, it can be a way to express himself and make a statement. On the other, it can actually help him on the court. Bagley’s long hair helps him keep his head cool and reduce sweat, making it easier for him to stay focused and move quickly on defense.


Is long hair allowed in basketball?

Are you wondering if long hair is allowed in basketball? The answer is yes! Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can wear long hair while playing basketball. There are a few things to consider though. Long hair can be a safety hazard if it’s not tied back. In fact, some leagues go so far as to require all players to have their hair tied back in a ponytail or bun. This helps prevent hair from getting tangled in the net, in other players’ hands, or in your own face, which can increase the risk of injury.

Who is famous for an afro?

The NBA is full of talented athletes, and many have made a name for themselves due to their unique style and flair on the court. But when it comes to hair, one player stands out above the rest: Dwight Howard. 

Dwight Howard, who plays as a center for the Los Angeles Lakers, is famous for his long afro. It’s become a part of his identity and helps him stand out on and off the court.

What basketball player has crazy hair?

When talking about crazy hair in basketball, the first name that comes to mind is Dennis Rodman. The Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons star had hair that was as outrageous as his on-court antics. From his signature bright-colored mohawk to his long blonde locks, Rodman had a look that made him stand out from the crowd. 

But Rodman wasn’t the only basketball player with wild hair. Former San Antonio Spurs center David Robinson had a distinctive look with his long braids. His signature look was a combination of cornrows and a top knot. Robinson’s long locks made him stand out on the court and even earned him a few nicknames like “The Admiral” and “The Big Hair”.

Why do some NBA players choose to have long hair? 

When you think of NBA players, you may think of them with their hair neatly kept and trimmed. However, some players in the National Basketball Association have chosen to go against the grain and sport long hair. 

There are many reasons why some NBA players choose to wear their hair long. For starters, many basketball players view their hair as an expression of their personal style, as well as a way to stand out on the court. Long hair can give players a distinct look, and it can also help them stand out from the crowd.


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