MLB Standings 2023 

MLB Standings 2023 

The MLB standings for 2023 are set. The American League has the Houston Astros in first place, followed by the New York Yankees and then the Boston Red Sox. In the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers are in first place, followed by the Atlanta Braves and then the San Francisco Giants. Although there are many different teams vying for a spot in the playoffs, these are the three that seem to be the most likely to make it to October baseball.

American League Standings

The American League Standings are as follows:

1. Houston Astros
2. Cleveland Indians
3. Boston Red Sox
4. New York Yankees
5. Tampa Bay Rays
6. Minnesota Twins
7. Oakland Athletics
8. Los Angeles Angels
9. Texas Rangers
10. Seattle Mariners
11. Detroit Tigers
12. Kansas City Royals
13. Chicago White Sox
14. Baltimore Orioles

National League Standings

The National League Standings as of September 6th are as follows:

1. Los Angeles Dodgers – 91-36 (.717)

2. Chicago Cubs – 83-45 (.648)

3. Washington Nationals – 79-48 (.622)

4. Arizona Diamondbacks – 75-52 (.591)

5. Colorado Rockies – 67-60 (.528)

6. Milwaukee Brewers – 64-63 (.504)

7. Miami Marlins – 63-64 (.496)

8. Philadelphia Phillies – 58-70 (.452)

How The Playoffs Work

The Major League Baseball season is comprised of 162 games, with teams playing division rivals 19 times each and the rest of their schedule made up of interleague play. At the end of the regular season, the top team in each division automatically qualifies for the playoffs, as does the second-place team with the best record from among all divisions. The two remaining playoff spots are given to wild card teams, which are determined by whichever two clubs have the best records (regardless of division) after all division winners and runners-up have been placed.

During the playoffs, the field is whittled down from eight teams to four and then finally to two. The first round of playoffs, known as the Wild Card Game, features a one-game showdown between the two wild card teams. The winner earns a spot in the Division Series, where they will face off against one of the three division winners.

The Division Series is a best-of-five affair, meaning that whichever team wins three games advances to the next round while the loser goes home empty-handed. In both rounds of playoffs, if a game is tied after nine innings, it will go into extra innings until a winner is determined.

Once just two teams remain standing, they face off in the World Series to determine who will be crowned champions of Major League Baseball. The World Series is also a best-of-seven event, so again, whichever team can win four games before losing three will be

Who’s In The World Series?

The Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the World Series.


The 2023 MLB standings are looking very different from last year’s. The Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros have swapped places, with the Cubs now in first place and the Astros in second. The New York Yankees have fallen to third place, while the Los Angeles Dodgers have risen to fourth. These changes show that anything can happen in baseball, and that any team has a chance to make it to the top.

MLB Standings 2023 


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