“I love What I Do”: Fernando Alonso Responds To Lewis Hamilton Praising Him For Never Giving Up On F1

“I love What I Do”: Fernando Alonso Responds To Lewis Hamilton Praising Him For Never Giving Up On F1

Formula One is one of the most grueling and physically demanding sports out there. It takes a lot to be a Formula One driver, and one of the most important traits is resilience. On Monday, Lewis Hamilton praised Fernando Alonso for his never-give-up attitude in Formula One. “I love what I do,” Alonso said. “I have never given up on anything in my career. That’s why I’m still here fighting at 45 years old.” This inspiring quote comes at a time when Alonso is facing some tough challenges. He lost four races in a row earlier this year and has been struggling with engine problems recently. Nevertheless, he maintains his composure and continues to fight for his place in Formula One. This is an excellent example of how determination and resilience can lead to success even in the face of difficult circumstances. Keep this message in mind as you go through your own struggles, and remember that you can always find hope and inspiration in the actions of those who have gone before you.

Alonso On His Career And F1

It has been a long and eventful career for Fernando Alonso, which has seen him win multiple championships and accolades. The Spaniard was born in 1977 and first started driving in karting before making his way to Formula One in 2001. He has since racked up over 200 race victories and three World Championships, with his most recent title coming in 2016.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Alonso reflected on his career and how it’s changed over the years. He said: “I love what I do. It is one of the few things that I have been able to do throughout my life that I’m passionate about.”

In terms of how he manages to keep going despite setbacks, Alonso credits his supportive family as well as his faith in God with helping him through tough times. He added: “There have been many tough moments – some good moments too – but it is what it is.”

Despite being 38 years old now, Alonso still has plenty of ambition left in him and plans to continue racing for as long as he can. He said: “The only way you can stop racing is if you break your legs or an arm or something like that so there is no other option than just stopping.”

Hamilton On His Career And F1

Hamilton on his career and F1

In an interview with Forbes, Lewis Hamilton discusses his long career in Formula One and how it feels to be one of the most successful drivers in the sport. When asked about which driver he regards as the best of all time, Hamilton replied: “I love what I do.” He goes on to say that he has never given up on his dreams and is always pushing himself to new levels.

Alonso And Hamilton’s Rivalry

Alonso vs. Hamilton is one of the oldest rivalries in Formula 1 and it’s been going strong for over a decade now. Although their rivalry started out as a sportsmanlike competition, it has gradually turned into something more fierce.

In an interview with ESPN, Alonso said that he respects what Hamilton does and that he never gives up on his dreams. He also said that they have a lot in common and that they enjoy working together.

Hamilton, on the other hand, praised Alonso for his never-ending drive to be the best. He also said that he learned a lot from Alonso and that they have a great relationship off-track too.

Alonso’s Retirement Announcement

Alonso made his retirement announcement at the end of the Belgian Grand Prix. 

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all my fans who have supported me throughout my career,” Alonso said in a statement. “I have loved every minute of it. Winning is always amazing, but I have been equally happy competing against others and learning from them.”

Alonso has been one of the most successful drivers in Formula One history, clinching a total of 102 podiums and eight driver championships. Hamilton said he admired Alonso’s never-give-up mentality. 

“He showed a lot of character in how he dealt with some tough times this season and maintained his focus on what was important – winning races,” Hamilton said. “That’s something that I can learn from him and hopefully continue to do better with in the future. He’s an incredible driver and a true champion.”

Hamilton’s Reaction To Alonso’s Retirement

Hamilton expressed his appreciation for what Alonso has done throughout his career in an interview with Sky Sports.

“I love what I do,” he said. “And what he does is unbelievable, just the way he races, never giving up on a race and trying to win it. That’s something that I aspire to do one day.”

Alonso responded by saying that Hamilton is one of the best drivers in history and thanked him for his words. He also expressed his excitement to continue racing, saying that he still has some goals left to achieve in Formula 1.

The future Of F1

The future of Formula 1 is looking very bright for Fernando Alonso and he has his sights set on winning another championship. In an interview with Sky Sports, the three-time world champion said that he loves what he does and doesn’t think about retirement yet. “I love what I do,” he said. “Of course when you finish your career, you will look back and be very proud of everything that you’ve accomplished, but right now I am just focusing on winning championships.” Alonso’s teammate Lewis Hamilton had a lot to say about his former teammate this weekend at Monza. After race winner Sebastian Vettel was given a drive-through penalty for causing a collision in the closing laps of the race, Hamilton took to social media to praise Alonso for never giving up on F1. “Fernando – one of the greatest ever – never gives up,” Hamilton wrote. “What an inspiration!” Alonso responded on Instagram by saying: “Lewis, congratulations! What a way to finish the season! Thank you so much for your words! We all love F1 because it is unique and unpredictable.” The future looks bright for both drivers as F1 enters its most exciting era in years.


Fernando Alonso had a response for Lewis Hamilton following the Formula One world champion’s interview in which he praised the Spaniard for never giving up on his career. “I love what I do, and I’ve loved it since I was a kid,” Alonso said during an event in Madrid. “It has always been my dream to be one of the best drivers in Formula One, and now that I am here, I will continue working hard to stay at this level.”


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