It’s Time To Reactive Your Metabolism With The Right Foods: Here Are What They.

It’s Time To Reactive Your Metabolism With The Right Foods: Here Are What They.

What Is Mtabolism?

Metabolism is merely the set of all biochemical processes that occur in our bodies and are designed to extract energy from food. Metabolic activities are determined by lean mass, therefore muscles, and internal organs.

The goal is to make this energy available for the performance of common life processes, such as the work of internal organs. It is no coincidence that the term metabolism derives from Greek and means ” change, transformation “.

From this, it will be easily understood that metabolic activity is strictly connected to two values: the quantity of food we introduce and the primary needs of the organism that must be satisfied.

The metabolism as a whole occurs through 3 processes: catabolism, anabolism, and energy metabolism. Let’s see them together.


Catabolism (also called destructive metabolism ) is nothing but the degradation of complex molecules into simpler molecules. This process produces the release of energy.

Specifically, this is what happens every time we introduce food into the body. Glycolysis or the Krebs cycle, to name a few, are to be considered catabolic processes.

From these chemical processes, vitamins, mineral salts, carbohydrates, and proteins are made available, essential substances for our very survival.


The anabolic processes determine the ‘ assembly of simple molecules for the synthesis of components structural and functional cell.

Protein synthesis is an example. These are reactions that, unlike the catabolic ones, produce consumption of energy. 

To get back into shape, you think you have to skip meals and go hungry, but in reality, it is exactly the opposite.

Energy Metabolism

The catabolic reactions and those of anabolic together determine the energy metabolism process.

The return of the holidays also coincides with the return to exercising regularly: after a period of well-deserved rest, it is time to reactivate the muscles but also the metabolism.

During the holidays it is completely normal to eat less regularly, at high times and without paying too much attention to what we choose, so our body may be slightly slowed down. Another cause is very strict diets, which can only be done for limited periods.

Having an active metabolism means being brighter and more energetic, and therefore feeling better in every respect. To reactivate it we must not make the mistake of depriving the body of nutrients such as carbohydrates it is accelerated when we eat a lot, obviously the right foods.

All this means that meals, including snacks, must not be skipped, which prevents us from starving.

The goal is to keep the basal metabolism stable, that is the minimum energy needed by the body to stay alive and which corresponds to 60% of the daily requirement.

Physical activity combined with proper nutrition, which does not eliminate any macronutrients, is the right combination to keep yourself or get back in shape.

To Speed Up Your Metabolism, Eat These Foods 

Everyone has their metabolism based on physical structure, age, and genetics, which determine its speed and efficiency.

In general, muscle mass needs a lot of energy, which therefore the more voluminous it will be, the more it will burn, maintaining a very active metabolism.

This means that the more trained we are, the more we burn, triggering a virtuous circle, But obviously, we can also help ourselves with some foods.

Dried Fruit And Seeds 

Nuts, not roasted or salted, and seeds are excellent snacks: being rich in “good” oils and fats, they give immediate energy, stabilizing blood sugar and removing the feeling of hunger. A quick and very healthy snack, ideal even before playing sports.

In addition, the more oily fruits, such as almonds and walnuts, also have a nourishing action for the skin, which is therefore kept more elastic.

Dark Chocolate

Mid-morning or mid-afternoon, 30 grams of dark chocolate is exactly what it takes to quell hunger, keep energy levels high and reactivate a slightly sluggish metabolism.

The chocolate in question must be at least 80% composed of cocoa: in this way the fats and sugars supplied will be reduced, and you will take full advantage of this food.

The Eggs

The eggs, in particular the ‘ egg white, are high in protein and this means that they are not assimilated: 20% of their calories is consumed instantly during digestion. Furthermore, to break down proteins, the process is more laborious and requires much more energy than sugars and carbohydrates, and for this reason, they maintain the sense of satiety for longer.

Eggs contain little fat and calories are an optimal protein source, to be included in your meal plan to keep the metabolism lively or to make it efficient again.

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