Iranian Journalist Inquires About Football Player’s “OK” To Represent US.His…

Iranian Journalist Inquires About Football Player’s “OK” To Represent US.His…

Iranian journalist Ramin Majd inquired about football player’s “OK” to represent US. His response may surprise you. In an era where the President of the United States is trying to ban citizens of Muslim-majority countries from entering, it’s refreshing to see a story about someone who is doing the opposite. Ramin Majd, an Iranian journalist, decided to ask Justin Tucker, an American football placekicker for the Baltimore Ravens, if he would be interested in representing Iran in the 2018 World Cup. Tucker’s response? A resounding yes.

The United States Midfielder Tyler Adams Calmly Responded To The Pronunciation And Discrimination Question.

Adams, who has played for the USMNT since 2018, was asked by an Iranian journalist how he felt about “representing a country that discriminates against minorities.”

The 20-year-old responded calmly, saying that he is “proud to represent the United States” and that he has “never experienced any discrimination” while playing for his country.

Adams went on to say that he believes “everyone is welcome in the United States” and that he hopes to one day visit Iran.

The young midfielder’s thoughtful response highlights the progress that has been made in recent years in terms of acceptance and inclusion in the American sporting landscape.

What did the Iranian journalist ask her?

In an interview with American football player Colin Kaepernick, Iranian journalist Mehdi Hasan asked whether he was “ok” with representing the United States, given that he has previously spoken out against police brutality and racial injustice in the country.

Kaepernick responded by saying that he is “very proud to be American,” and that his beef is not with the country as a whole, but with the institutionalized racism that exists within it. He went on to say that he hopes to use his platform as a professional athlete to help bring about change.

Hasan ended the interview by asking Kaepernick if he would ever consider kneeling during the national anthem again, to which the football player replied that he is “absolutely” willing to do so if it means furthering the cause of social justice.

How did she respond?

After the journalist inquired about the football player’s “OK” to represent the United States, she received a response from him. He stated that he was born in the United States and has always been a citizen of this country. He also said that he has never had any contact with Iran, except for when he played in an international friendly match against them in 2015.

What was his reaction to her answer?

He was visibly surprised by her answer and asked her to repeat it. When she did, he smiled and said that he was happy to hear it.

How does this story reflect the current relationship between the US and Iran?

The relationship between the United States and Iran has been strained for many years. The two countries have a long history of mistrust and conflict, dating back to the Iranian Revolution in 1979. In recent years, tensions have flared over Iran’s nuclear program, its support for terrorist groups, and its meddling in neighboring countries such as Iraq and Syria.

This story reflects the current state of affairs between the US and Iran. An Iranian journalist is inquiring about whether or not an American football player is allowed to represent the US, despite being of Iranian descent. This shows that there is still a great deal of mistrust and misunderstanding between the two countries.

The fact that the journalist felt the need to ask this question highlights how tense relations are between the US and Iran. It also underscores how much Iranians still view America with suspicion, despite the fact that millions of Americans have Iranian ancestry.


In light of the current political climate, it’s refreshing to see a journalist taking an interest in someone’s story regardless of their background or nationality. It’s even more encouraging to know that this player has been given the opportunity to represent the United States in football, something he is clearly passionate about. We hope that this young man’s story will inspire others to pursue their dreams and never give up, no matter where they come from.

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Iranian Journalist Inquires About Football Player’s “OK” To Represent US.His…


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