Improve And Prevent Back Pain

Improve And Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is a problem for everyone. It is one of the most frequent medical disorders in today’s society and one of the main reasons people see their quality of life affected, go to the doctor or miss work. A good summary of the problem is the 80/80/80 rule:

  • 80% of the population suffers from back pain at some point in their lives.
  • 80% of chronic back pain cases are related to weakness of the deep back muscles.
  • 80% of people manage to eliminate or significantly alleviate their back pain with treatments to improve the spine’s strength and mobility.

These are approximate figures, but they give us an idea of ​​the importance of the problem. In this blog article, we will talk about the Muscle Strengthening Medical Therapy that we apply at Wunder Training.

For almost 15 years we have been using this specific muscle-strengthening protocol to help people with chronic back pain and spinal pathologies to improve their pain and quality of life. Over all these years, more than 8,500 people have discovered the benefits of this treatment to reduce pain, increase muscle strength and improve spine mobility.

Back Pain, A Temporary Or Chronic Problem?

When describing back problems and assessing treatment possibilities, it is necessary to make a fundamental distinction between whether it is acute pain and chronic pain. Basically, acute pains are those that last between hours and days, while chronic back pains are those that last for more than 6 months or years.

In most cases of acute pain, symptoms improve with relative rest, physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, and drug treatment when necessary. In this acute phase, Medical Therapy for Muscle Strengthening is not indicated, as it could cause an increase in symptoms. Once the acute phase has passed, it is important to start Medical Therapy to prevent new episodes and prevent the pain from becoming chronic.

Approximately 10-20% of patients with acute back pain

end up developing chronic back pain. The critical period is considered to be 7-12 weeks. If the pain does not subside within that period of time, the problem is likely to become chronic.

Scientific evidence suggests that more than 80% of chronic low back pain cases are due to a weakness of the back muscles that end up causing injuries. For this reason, treatments aimed at improving muscle strength in the back are currently considered essential tools for the treatment and prevention of back pain.

Deconditioning And Reconditioning Syndrome.

People with chronic back problems tend to get into the following vicious cycle. To get out of this spiral it is necessary to increase the functional capacity of the spine, improving the strength, mobility, and metabolic activity of the spine and back muscles.

Consequently, rest is not a viable option to feel better, since it would only lead to greater atrophy or muscle weakness, which would cause greater spinal instability and new episodes of pain, perpetuating the situation.

What we must do in a case of chronic back pain is to bet on physical reconditioning, which will allow us, by strengthening the back, to improve muscle strength, achieve greater functional stability of the spine and consequently eliminate pain. 

Medical Muscle Strengthening Therapy

As we said before, in many cases, back pain is the result of a lack of strength in the muscles that surround the spine, also known as the core. Weak muscles mean a greater load on our backbone for the back. The natural wear and tear caused by the passing of the years, the overload at work or in sports, obesity, or a sedentary lifestyle aggravate the situation. Targeted strengthening of the back and core muscles can significantly reduce symptoms and even eliminate them entirely.

Wunder Training’s Medical Back Therapy is a medical treatment for specific strengthening of the deep musculature of the spine to eliminate back pain.

Back Medical Therapy is controlled by a medical team (at the beginning, middle, and end) and the sessions are always accompanied by a physiotherapist. 

Medical exam

TMF is always prescribed by our medical team. It is necessary to start with a thorough clinical examination with our doctors to set the treatment guidelines, according to each particular case. At the start of treatment, the doctor or physical therapist will create the treatment plan. You will be accompanied in all sessions by specially trained physiotherapists.

First therapy session

In the first session, we proceed to adjust the machine to the constitution of each person, we determine the pain-free mobility of the spine and measure the real strength of the deep musculature of the spine.


In the following sessions, the deep extensor muscles of the back are strengthened in isolation. Mobility and carrying capacity will gradually increase. The goal is to alleviate pain, normalize spinal mobility, and reduce the protective posture caused by anxiety and fear of pain. In addition to the specific back exercise, the muscles that stabilize the trunk will be strengthened.

Medical check

The doctor controls the progress of the therapy every six sessions (in the middle and at the end of the treatment). The last medical visit serves to assess the success of the therapy objectively and to establish a program to maintain the results in the long term.

If the back musculature has reached a normal strength level during therapy, it is recommended to move on to the Muscle Training area to maintain the strength, muscle balance, and mobility achieved in therapy. If you have not yet reached this level, it is recommended to extend the therapy to 18 sessions.

Column analysis

Our therapeutic technology allows, through a muscle strength test, to accurately analyze the strength and range of motion of the spine, both in the lumbar region and in the cervical region.

The test measures the force in different positions and is represented in the form of a curve. The results are compared with the normal values ​​of people with a healthy back and allow us to know whether or not a person has a strength deficit that could be the cause of back pain.

Cases That Can Be Treated With Medical Muscle Strengthening Therapy


  • chronic low back pain
  • Disc herniation, protrusion or disc disease in the lumbar region
  • spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
  • channel stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • lumbar osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Osteoporosis


  • chronic neck pain
  • A herniated disc, protrusion, or discopathy in the cervical region
  • cervical osteoarthritis
  • whiplash syndrome
  • Tension headache

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