How To Lose Weight For Working Moms?

How To Lose Weight For Working Moms?

In this article, We talk about  How To Lose Weight For Working Moms? I will share with you some tips that help working moms lose weight easily. 

Diets for working moms

Do you have to live a fast pace of life and eat at the office many times? In the office, you probably eat little and fast, and that is not a balanced diet, so the rest of your meals should compensate for these deficiencies. In your breakfasts, you should include cereals, dairy, and fruit. Compensate your diet with dinner, they should not lack fat too, bet on avocado and bluefish. And of course protein, in the form of tuna, chicken, eggs, or salmon. During the day drink water and try to avoid coffee as much as possible. In this way, you get your diet to balance and not lose nutrients. In addition, your dinners are very healthy and recommended for the whole family.

How do I stay fit & healthy as a (working, single) mother?

1. I provide a positive mindset:

Looking at my life, I could find plenty of reasons (in my head) not to exercise. On the other hand, I am looking for reasons to exercise. I think in possibilities and not in limitations.

2. Exercise & Healthy Living as a Habit:

If something changes in my life (new job, new house, new rhythm), I look again at the possibilities and I make sure that sports get back into my rhythm. As a habit. And of course, sometimes I don’t feel like it, but that is with everything in life. By making it a habit, at set times and days, I go even when I don’t feel like it.

3. I exercise out of love for myself.

That I allow myself and not out of compulsion or duty (to be honest, I don’t believe in that either: I often hear people around me say: “ I have to exercise more”, “I can’t eat carbohydrates”, etc.). Have you ever observed what happens when you tell your child to do something? For example, sleeping or eating? What was her/his reaction? Right, you get nothing in it! He/she decides for himself whether he/she eats/sleeps. Compulsion & duty usually backfire and that also works for yourself. Do not follow a diet, but make sure that sport and healthy living become a lifestyle!

4. I know what my (intrinsic) motivation is:

I exercise because it makes me happy. The sport itself is my goal. The result afterward, the feeling: happy, energetic, fit, that is the result. When I look around me, I think this is one of the biggest success factors. People who are fit & healthy exercise, because the sport itself is their goal. You probably know the quote (from Confucius): “The road itself is your destination.” So think: what is the reason why you want to be healthy and fit? Are you doing it for yourself? Because you think that’s important and would like to? Or because you think you have to (by society, people around you?). I do what suits me, what makes me happy. And that changes now and then. I am currently teaching sports, which I think is fantastic! I get energy by motivating others. In addition, it ensures that I also stay fit.

In addition, I love to get up earlier in the morning for a Yoga session at home (when everyone is still asleep, including my son). Moments like these make me happy! Rest, cleanliness, and regularity: in principle, I eat at the same times every day, breakfast, fruit in between, lunch, fruit/nuts/cracker in between, dinner, sometimes a healthy snack in the evening (depending on my day/activity that evening).

This ensures that I am not hungry during the day and that I am not tempted to eat more. Do I eat outside these times: in the evening for example, then I notice that I first start sniffing, because I now have to eat something, then cook (meanwhile I have already put everything in my mouth and with the evening meal itself I often eat more (if I with (severe) food go hungry. Knowledge: I know what I eat. I read labels, so I know how many carbohydrates (added sugars / hidden sugars), fats, and kcal are in the products I eat. Here too I see that many people are very misled by advertisements and packaging: eg “without added flavors and colorings”. Often this is bullshit! If you read the packaging, you will see that it is packed with junk! So don’t kid yourself! That is such a shame. Especially because you can do your best to eat healthily and then not reach a healthy weight.

Weight loss tips for working moms?

It is not easy to lose weight, and it is not easy for a mother who works full time! I am obsessed with time management, so it will not surprise you that the only way I know how to achieve my weight loss goals is to plan everything. If I don’t write it down and set a time interval for it, it just won’t happen! Many things can prevent weight loss when you work as a mother: guilt for taking time away from your children, time, energy, household needs, your husband needs attention, your dog needs attention, dinner will not help itself …

Is this an excuse? Sure, but they certainly won’t make you lose weight like you hope every morning when you look in the mirror and say, “I need to do something about this baby weight!”

In my diary, I started the series “Losing weight with my mother”, which this year redefined my mother for my New Year’s resolution. I am in the 3rd week and I am not thin yet, but I have made important changes and am more aware of my decisions. I know for myself that awareness and daily change are beginning.

I know that training and calorie counting have always worked for me in the past. For most of my life, I struggled with weight, but for the first time, I had to compete with weight loss and be a mother. So far, I have some tips.


How can a busy working mom lose weight? 5 tips mention below 

  1. DANCE EVERYTHING! Yes, I mean everything! Take a planner and start planning all your meals, including daily snacks and workout time
  2. Have lunch the night before
  3. Calories; A serious way to count calories is how to write it down because if it’s not in writing, you’re lying!
  4. Grocery store with your food plan in hand
  5. Find time during the day that you could refocus on 30 minutes of exercise: get up 30 minutes early, go to the gym before lunch, ask your husband to pick up the baby in kindergarten, go as soon as you put the baby to sleep, remember your weekend !!


When you have a full-time job and you still have to take care of your children, you don’t want to play sports or have time to take care of yourself. Instead, most of your free time will be spent improving your sleep. However, when you manage your “hot zones”, train on the body, and choose the right diet, you will maintain fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle.

5 Tips: Every Working Mom Should Try It

Sit-ups. push-ups. Aerobic exercise. Your life is full of sports that you can do. But you don’t have enough time to get used to it.

From babysitting to laundry to house cleaning, even if you have a 9-to-5 job, when you get home, it’s almost impossible to schedule a workout or prepare a big dinner for yourself.

So what will happen in the long run? To put it simply, like studying, you drop a little every day, and then you will find yourself unable to keep up with your ‘learning progress’. And what’s even more embarrassing is that none of the working moms you know seem to have this problem. Are you the only stay-at-home mom who struggles to find time to exercise?

Why every one working mother will feel a very short time?

Working moms are more time-poor than most. From getting your kids ready for daycare or school to make sure they’re safe and healthy, you’re giving your kids nearly every waking hour. And for good reason: they are the source of your inner pride and joy.

You still have a house full of chores to do: laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, kitchen to clean, a husband you think needs to be taken care of—as if everyone needs your attention and attention. And it seems that you are the only one who can keep calm and order in the chaos.

How can a busy working mom lose weight?

1. You must prioritize exercise

You can ask yourself this question: Is exercise a very important thing in my life?

You might think it’s important because you think about fitness every day. But there is a difference here, and it should and must be completely different. When something isn’t important, you always make excuses not to do it.

2. Clarify why you want to change

Here’s the thing about health: you have to have the right mindset for it to work, for everything. You can have all the resources at your disposal, but without a strong reason to exercise, you’re likely to give up.

I’m not saying you have to stay motivated all the time or try to cheer yourself up on the days you decide you want to work out. Motivation can get you far, but you need to be clear about what stops you from going off track or giving up altogether.

Why can you keep going?

Your why will help you develop your regularity. When you find it hard to do, you can discover the power of exercise and healthy eating.

A more effective method is to keep a journal and write down your reasons for exercising. At the same time, never think that your reasons are not good enough. As a mother, you are the main role model for your family. As you work to change yourself, think about the impact you can have on your husband and children.

3. Think about family health

Include your kids in your fitness routine too. The reason is simple, just because it’s hard to find a babysitter who only needs to babysit for an hour or so and can’t find someone to take care of doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. There are many ways to include your child in your fitness program.

Some moms will enjoy playing games with their kids. They even race against each other through games. You can invest in a child seat for your bike, and if your kids are the right age, get them a small bike so they can ride with you outdoors.

4. Know that some days will be easier than others

There will come a day when you will be full of energy and feel like you can do a lot of extras. You’ll be happy to wear your tracksuit for the days to come. No matter how you feel on a difficult day, make sure you at least try to get some exercise.

You probably won’t be able to run 5,000 meters or do high-intensity strength training in 30 minutes. It’s ok. Every day has its unique obstacles. You might get tired, the kids might get sick, and you might even have to work overtime. But in any case, don’t give these an incentive to give up. Just hold on!

5. Don’t do it alone

Try to find someone to go with. It’s harder to persevere if you don’t have someone to rely on. So the most important thing is to find a partner who supports you. It could be your husband, a close friend, or another working mom.

At the same time, your partner needs to understand your goals and desire to exercise. why? Because they can hold you accountable, you won’t achieve your fitness goals if your counterpart accepts every excuse you have.

Believe you can do it

Being a mother isn’t just about being alive, it’s about being an active participant in the life around you. Your husband needs you, your baby needs you, and the whole world needs you.

How To Lose Weight For Working Moms?


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