How To Lose Body Fat While Strength Training

How To Lose Body Fat While Strength Training

It is common for many to doubt the importance of strength training, thinking that it will mark your body in an exaggerated way, however, strength exercises in your daily training routine are vital.

And is that they not only increase resistance capacity but also help you define the muscle and provide flexibility, do you want to know how? We tell you in this post.

Although they are not the only positive effects on the body,  by training strength we keep ourselves protected against all kinds of conditions and pain and it is that you help the body to gain energy and resistance. 

And, as if that were not enough, studies have shown that it has a leading role in stimulating metabolism. And it is that training strength is vital if you are looking to train at home balanced, gain strength and energy, and at the same time lose fat. Here we summarize everything you need to know to strength train and lose fat.

The Benefits Of Strength Training And Cardio To Increase Metabolism

Despite popular belief, not only does cardio exercise has an influence when it comes to losing fat, and strength exercises are, in addition to fundamental training for the growth of muscle mass, optimal training for burning fat.

Actually, when it comes to reducing body fat levels, it is necessary to combine both: cardio exercises such as training with a rowing machine or elliptical machine, and combine it with strength training, such as exercises with dumbbells or kettlebells. 

What do you get with it? In essence, combining cardio and strength in your routine translates into greater metabolic efficiency. Our metabolism improves when doing strength training, and it is also that strength training has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure and improve glucose tolerance, which facilitates fat loss.

In case you weren’t convinced yet, you have to know that every gram of muscle mass you gain will increase your metabolic rate and you will burn a greater amount of fat.

The goal of strength training is to build muscle and increase strength. So you can also break your own personal records while doing it.

Strength training helps you burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Strength exercises are effective because they work the entire body, not just a specific set of muscles on any given day, plus that same intake forces your metabolism to work while you recover.

What Are The 5 Best Strength Exercises To Lose Fat?

It is essential that the intensity of your exercise routine be complete until the end, but always adapted to your physical condition, and in case of doubt consult a professional. In this guide, you will see the best exercises to train strength and burn fat. 

Swings with kettlebell or kettlebell

If you want to get rid of abdominal fat, it is one of the best exercises. This extreme workout has great benefits, including physical results and increased heart rate.

Perform the kettlebell swing by bending your knees, keeping your back straight, and pushing through your lower body and core. The arms only accompany the movement.

Dumbbell Squats

Adding squats will not only burn calories but will also give your lower body great results. Now imagine adding dumbbell weights to really increase your calorie burn and get that toned look.

Hold a dumbbell at shoulder height and, with your eyes and chest forward, squat down to burn fat.

Bench press

You can use a flat, incline, or decline bench to do barbell exercises called basic strength exercises. Muscle building is also worked on secondarily during this exercise and, of course, it burns fat.

Try to touch the chest without supporting it. Combining this with heavy weights (excessive in some cases) or working yourself to exhaustion may not be advisable and could lead to injury, so ask someone else for help if you need it.

Push-ups or push-ups

It’s a way to gain upper body strength, strengthen your core, and build your pectoral muscles. In addition, it corrects the posture, making it ideal for those who work in an office for 8 hours in a chair.

To start, make sure you are on the ground and on your knees. Keep both hands resting under your shoulders, a little more than shoulder-width apart. Then push yourself from the bottom with your feet slightly apart to the side, straightening back, and slowly lift yourself off the ground.

Bicep Curl

With 2-kilogram weights in each hand, you should bring your hands to your shoulders. Low repetition exercise to develop strength and muscle definition.

What Is The 3 Best Cardio Exercises To Achieve Greater Fat Loss?

By themselves, strength exercises are not enough to reduce body fat levels. And if you are in a hurry to see results with more reason, you should complement the exercise routine with cardio. That’s why we leave you with the best cardiovascular exercises to promote fat loss.


Rise from the squatting position by spreading your legs and hands apart, jumping back to a standing position, and bridging your body in the air. Squat down and push yourself back to return to the plank position.

Training with a rowing machine

Another classic of complete routines and one of the best exercises to train the upper body and train strength and cardio at the same time are rowing machines, in addition to being one of the most fun and demanding exercises. It is important that during the exercise you apply the movements carefully, but energetically.

Bike or elliptical

When it comes to cardio, running is one of the best alternatives. But we don’t always have the necessary space or we want to protect our joints, which is why riding a bike or having an elliptical trainer at home is a good option if you want to burn but at the same time protect your joints. 

With an elliptical bike, you will be able to do a cardio routine adding intensity and demanding more from the muscle, in an exercise that uses the natural movement of the body (such as climbing stairs). Without a doubt, you will feel lighter, and not only because of the weight loss.

An Ideal Routine To Train Strength And Lose Fat

The idea is to include a routine with 3 series of 12 or 14 repetitions with a rest of 45 to 60 seconds between each series. Or you can do a circuit without stopping, but only with 5 exercises.

Write this down. After completing a strength workout, you can do a 30-minute cardio session that could consist of going for a run, running on the treadmill at the gym, or combining any of the four suggested exercises (burpees, for example).

How To Enhance The Fat-Burning Effect?

Although it will be efficient to combine strength and cardio exercises, to achieve better results, many experts recommend alternating them.

Alternate a strength exercise with a cardio one. “For example, you can do 45 seconds of squats and then 45 seconds of burpees and go combining strength and cardio exercises until you complete the session.” 

Don’t forget to try to surprise your body with new routines and activate new playlists to stay motivated. It is important to introduce variety, and thus prevent the body from getting used to it.

And of course, all this must be accompanied by a proper diet, and if you have a coffee maker at home I advise you to drink coffee since caffeine stimulates fat loss if you take it before doing sports.

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