How Do You Lose Weight In Your Face And Neck?

How Do You Lose Weight In Your Face And Neck?

Searching for how do you lose weight in your face and neck? In this article, We discuss some tips that help you to lose weight on your face and neck.

It is very common that, sometimes, we think that we have a swollen face, a too thick neck, and even that we have a double chin. But, often, we do not know what to do to eliminate excess fat or fluid retention that may be directly causing this.

In addition to going to a doctor for advice, since there are many reasons why we can have this unsightly problem such as genetic issues, a poor diet, or some health problems, we can easily combat it at home.

Do you want to reduce the volume of your face and neck but do not know how to do it without resorting to surgery? So, don’t stop reading this article and discover do you lose weight in your face and neck with exercises and facial massages and by improving some habits in your life.

Facial Exercises To Reduce The Face And Neck

To achieve slimming of the face and neck, the first thing we must bear in mind is that it cannot be done overnight and that, therefore, it requires perseverance and patience on our part. If we follow some practical advice, such as the ones you will find in the following lines, in a few weeks you will begin to notice that the volume of this area of ​​your body is reduced.

The first thing you should do if you want to reduce fluid retention and the accumulation of fat in your face and neck is to include several facial exercises in your daily life, such as the ones detailed below:


This exercise to reduce the face and neck consists of standing in front of a mirror and smiling as much as possible, but without forcing yourself too much. Keep smiling for 5 to 10 seconds, relax your face and repeat all the steps 2 or 3 times in a row. It is good to do this exercise at least 5 times a day.

Puff out cheeks

Fill your cheeks with air and hold this position for a couple of seconds, then move the air from one side of your mouth to the other and let it out slowly. When you have relaxed your face repeat these steps, you should do it at least 4 or 5 times a day.


By making repeated suction movements for 5 seconds at least 10 times a day, you will be able to create a massage effect on this area of ​​the face that tends to get fat easily. Thus, you will reduce the volume of these and tone the muscles. If you also purse and relax your lips when you do the suction, you will be doing a more complete stretch.

Move your eyebrows

If you raise and lower your eyebrows in a row several times each day, you will be able to relax the muscles around your eyes and reduce the bags that accumulate just below your eyes. To reinforce the effect of this exercise, you can also gently tap your fingers on the bags continuously, thus creating a massage and drainage effect.

Stretch cheeks and neck

Put your hands one on each cheek and gently stretch the skin up and down and also to the sides. Also, carefully press your cheeks to the sides and release, do it several times in a row. Repeat this exercise 3 or 4 times a day. You should do the same with your neck, putting your hands on the sides of it.

Mouth stretches

Leaning your head back, noticing that the neck stretches well, blow kisses several times in a row. Then open and close your mouth well 4 or 5 times in a row and, finally, with your mouth open, move only your lower lip, thus stretching your chin. Do these movements at least 10 times a day.

These exercises are one of the best natural ways to achieve results in a few days or weeks, and they will not only serve to lose volume in this part of your body but also to remove flaccidity from the face and neck.

Yoga Face

In addition, there are stretches known as facial yoga that will help you not only reduce the volume of your face and neck but also help tone your muscles and skin and help you relax. Incorporate into your routine one of the most common facial exercises in yoga to contract the muscles of the face and then successfully relax them: the lion. To do it you just have to follow these simple steps:

Contract all the muscles of your face, lips, nose, brow, etc., and take a deep breath.

If you have several wrinkles, you are doing the exercise well.

Hold this position for 1 minute.

Exhale all the contained air and relax the muscles of the face.

To finish relaxing this entire area, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Also, make circular movements with your eyes. In this way, you will be able to release all the tension of the muscles.

Neck And Face Massages

Another way to lose weight on your face and neck is to do facial massages yourself, as this helps activate circulation and therefore better drain the fluid and fat accumulated in these areas of the body.

Take advantage when you put on moisturizing cream every day, make circular movements all over your face and, in addition, gently press your cheeks for 1 or 2 seconds and release.

Massage again with circular movements, this way you will more easily eliminate fat and reduce the volume of your face.

You can start the massage on the neck, continue through the jowls and cheeks until you reach the forehead, and then do the same route in reverse. In the end, to reactivate circulation more effectively and achieve better results, quickly pat or tap your cheeks.

Do More Cardio Exercises

To continue with these tips on how to reduce your face and neck, we recommend that you exercise more. If you want to reduce fat in any part of your body, you should encourage exercise or aerobic sports, since it is the only way that the body will burn calories and finish eliminating toxins and fat.

To achieve good results, every day you should walk at least half an hour or even an hour, it is important to do it often without stopping every few steps so that the heart rate is maintained and, thus, calories are burned. In addition, you can go for a run, ride a bike or go to aerobics or Zumba classes.

By improving your circulation and promoting the burning of calories and fat, you will be able to reduce your body weight and, easily, the volume of your face and neck.

Healthy Food

To reduce the face and neck you have to take care of your diet, for example, we must increase our water consumption to stay well hydrated and get the body to eliminate toxins faster and reduce swelling due to fluid retention. In addition, drinking water satisfies our hunger, so the consumption of unhealthy food is reduced.

Likewise, salt must be reduced to avoid fluid retention. Eating foods without excess salt will easily deflate your face and neck. In addition, you will have to watch what you eat and base your diet on healthy foods, without excesses of harmful fats.

Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits and reduce or eliminate industrial, precooked foods that contain a lot of animal fat.

In this way, you will not only be able to lose volume in your neck and face, but you will also be taking care of your body in its entirety and you will feel better.

If you find it useful to know how to reduce your face and neck, then how to increase the weight on your face. Find out in this second article from OneHOWTO how to gain weight only on your face.

This article is merely informative, at oneHOWTO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to go to a doctor in the event of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.


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