Gap Is Pulling All The Yeezy Clothes From Its Stores—A Month After Ending Its Partnership With Kanye

Gap Is Pulling All The Yeezy Clothes From Its Stores—A Month After Ending Its Partnership With Kanye

Just one month after Gap Inc. announced it would be ending its partnership with Yeezy, the apparel company has announced that it will be pulling all Yeezy-branded clothing from its stores. The move comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that Gap had only recently renewed its deal with West’s company for another five years. However, it seems that the partnership was not as fruitful as either party had hoped. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons behind Gap’s decision to end its partnership with Yeezy and pull all Yeezy-branded clothing from its stores. We will also discuss what this could mean for the future of the Gap brand.

Gap Ends Partnership With Kanye

As of today, all Yeezy clothing items have been pulled from Gap stores—just one month after the company ended its partnership with Kanye West. The move comes as a surprise to many, as it was only last month that Gap announced it would be partnering with West on a new Yeezy line.

The decision to end the partnership and remove all Yeezy clothing from stores is said to be a mutual one between Gap and West. A source close to the situation says that both parties came to the agreement that it was best to part ways.

It’s unclear what exactly led to the breakup between Gap and West, but it’s likely that creative differences played a role. West is known for his unique and often provocative designs, while Gap is a more traditional retailer. It’s possible that the two sides simply couldn’t see eye-to-eye on the direction of the line.

Whatever the reason for the split, it’s clear that Gap is no longer interested in selling Yeezy clothes. If you’re looking for Kanye-designed apparel, you’ll now need to look elsewhere.

Gap’s Real Yeezy Problem

The Gap is having a real problem with its Yeezy clothing line. Just one month after ending its partnership with Kanye West, the company is pulling all of the Yeezy clothes from its stores.

This is a huge blow to Gap, which was hoping to capitalize on the popularity of West’s fashion line. The move also comes as a surprise because Gap had just renewed its contract with West in March.

It’s not clear what led to the abrupt end of the partnership, but it’s clear that Gap is now stuck with a bunch of unsold Yeezy clothes. This could be a major financial loss for the company, and it’s likely to anger West’s fans.

Ye Reap What Ye Sew

“Ye Reap What Ye Sew”

It’s been a month since Gap ended its partnership with Kanye West, and now the retailer is pulling all of West’s Yeezy clothing line from its stores.

The move comes as no surprise, given the tumultuous relationship between West and Gap. In November, West accused the company of trying to “destroy my career” after it announced that it would not be renewing his contract.

Gap is clearly done with West and his antics. And, judging by the sales of Yeezy clothes at its stores, customers are too.

I Honestly Cannot Remember A Time When I Knew What Gap Stood For.”

In a move that is sure to upset many Kanye West fans, Gap is pulling all of the Yeezy clothing from its stores. This comes just one month after the retailer ended its partnership with the rapper and his fashion brand.

Many people are surprised by this decision, as Gap had been one of the few retailers to embrace West’s style. However, it seems that the company is no longer interested in carrying his line.

This is sure to be a disappointing development for those who were hoping to buy Yeezy clothes at Gap stores. However, it is worth noting that there are still other places to purchase these items ( such as online).

Yeezy Clothing No Longer available In Gap Stores

It was only a matter of time.

Last month, Gap ended its partnership with Kanye West, and now the retailer is pulling all the Yeezy clothing from its stores. The decision comes after poor sales of the line, which debuted in 2019.

“We are no longer carrying Yeezy product at Gap,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “We’re grateful for our partnership with Kanye and continue to have great respect for him.”

The move is not surprising, given that Gap was never able to turn around its fortunes with the help of West. The rapper-designer’s much-hyped collection failed to connect with shoppers, and Gap has been struggling to revive its brand for years.

This is just the latest setback for West, who has seen his fashion empire crumble in recent months. His Yeezy brand has been dealing with production issues, and he was recently ousted from his role as creative director at Adidas.

How This Will Affect Gap’s Sales

As of October 17th, all Yeezy Gap clothes are being pulled from stores. This follows the news that Gap is ending its partnership with Kanye West, just one month after it was announced.

This is sure to have an effect on Gap’s sales, though it’s difficult to say how significant it will be. The Yeezy brand has a devoted following, but it’s still relatively small compared to Gap’s overall customer base. It’s possible that many Yeezy fans will simply stop shopping at Gap altogether now that the collection is gone. But it’s also possible that some of them will continue shopping at Gap for other items, since the clothing line was always just a small part of what the store offers.

Only time will tell how this decision will affect Gap’s bottom line. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the company’s sales figures to see if there’s any noticeable impact.

Other Celebrities Who Have Their Own Clothing Lines

Other celebrities who have their own clothing lines include actors, athletes, and musicians. While some have found success with their brands, others have faced criticism and even legal battles.

Actor Jessica Alba launched The Honest Company in 2011, a line of eco-friendly and baby-safe products that has been praised by many. In 2015, she expanded into the world of fashion with a line of stylish yet affordable clothes for women. However, the brand has come under fire for allegedly copying designs from other labels.

NBA star LeBron James debuted his LRJ clothing line in 2008. The brand was initially aimed at young adults, but has since expanded to offer styles for all ages. The line has been well-received overall, but some shoppers have complained about the quality of the clothes.

Rihanna’s fashion label, Fenty, launched in 2019 with a range of size-inclusive and gender-neutral clothing. The line was praised for its inclusive sizing and unique designs, but many pieces sold out quickly and were difficult to find in stores.

Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour merchandise sold out almost as soon as it hit stores, thanks to diehard fans scooping up anything and everything with the pop star’s name on it. But not everyone was happy with the quality of the clothes, which were made in China and shipped to Bieber’s native Canada.


It’s official: Gap is no longer selling Yeezy clothes in its stores. This comes just a month after the company ended its partnership with Kanye West, citing “creative differences.” While it’s not clear exactly why Gap decided to pull the plug on Yeezy, it’s likely that the company was unhappy with how sales were going. Either way, this is bad news for fans of Yeezy clothing who were hoping to score some pieces at a discount.

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Gap Is Pulling All The Yeezy Clothes From Its Stores—A Month After Ending Its Partnership With Kanye


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