Following Spain’s Disappointing World Cup Performance, Luis Enrique Steps Down As Head Coach

Following Spain’s Disappointing World Cup Performance, Luis Enrique Steps Down As Head Coach


It’s official: Luis Enrique is no longer the head coach of Spain’s national football team. This comes as a surprise to many, as Enrique had only been in the position for a year and a half. However, following Spain’s disappointing World Cup performance, it seems he has decided to step down. In this blog post, we will explore Enrique’s decision to leave and what it could mean for Spain’s future. We will also take a look at some of Enrique’s accomplishments during his time as head coach and how he will be remembered.

Spain’s World Cup Performance

Spain’s World Cup performance was nothing short of disappointing. They were knocked out in the round of 16 by Russia, a team that they were expected to beat. This loss marked the end of an era for Spain, as their long-time head coach, Luis Enrique, stepped down after the tournament.

Under Enrique, Spain had undergone a major transformation. They shifted away from the tiki-taka style of play that had defined them for years and adopted a more direct approach. This change paid off in the short term, as they won back-to-back European Championships in 2016 and 2017. However, it ultimately failed to produce results at the World Cup.

Now, Spain will have to rebuild without Enrique at the helm. It will be a difficult task, but one that is necessary if they want to reclaim their place among the world’s elite teams.

Luis Enrique Steps Down As Head Coach

Luis Enrique’s time as head coach of the Spanish national team has come to an end, following their disappointing performance at the World Cup.

Enrique took over as head coach in July of 2016, and led Spain to a successful qualifying campaign for the 2018 World Cup. However, things did not go as planned at the tournament itself, as Spain were eliminated in the round of 16 by Russia.

This marked the end of Enrique’s time in charge, as he announced his resignation shortly after the game. In his two years as head coach, Enrique won 14 out of his 23 games in charge.

While it is always disappointing to see a coach leave after a World Cup campaign, sometimes it is necessary in order to make way for fresh blood. This is certainly the case with Luis Enrique, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Reasons For Enrique’s Departure

There are many reasons that could be cited for Enrique’s departure from the Spanish national team. First and foremost, the team’s disappointing performance at the World Cup was surely a factor. Enrique had high hopes for the squad, but they were ultimately unable to make it past the round of 16. Furthermore, there were rumors of discord within the locker room during the tournament, with some players allegedly unhappy with Enrique’s coaching methods.

In addition to the World Cup failure, another reason for Enrique’s departure could be his strained relationship with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). There have been reports of tension between Enrique and RFEF president Luis Rubiales, which came to a head when Rubiales fired Julen Lopetegui on the eve of the World Cup. It is unclear how much this played into Enrique’s decision to leave, but it likely wasn’t helped by the fact that Spain’s World Cup campaign was ultimately unsuccessful.

Finally, it is worth noting that Enrique’s contract with the RFEF was set to expire in June 2019. With no extension on the horizon, it seemed increasingly likely that he would move on from his post after this summer’s tournament. In light of everything that has transpired over the last few months, it is not surprising that he has decided to step down as head coach of Spain.

Reactions To Enrique’s Departure

As expected, Luis Enrique’s departure from the Spanish national team has caused quite a stir.

Many believe that Enrique was not given enough time to implement his vision for the team, while others feel that he simply was not the right man for the job.

Regardless of where people stand, there is no doubt that Enrique’s departure will have a big impact on Spanish football.

Some believe that this could be the start of a new era for Spanish football, while others are concerned about what the future holds.

Time will tell how things will play out, but one thing is for sure: Enrique’s departure has sent shockwaves through the world of Spanish football.

Who Will Replace Enrique?

It is still unclear who will replace Enrique as head coach of the Spanish national team. Some names that have been mentioned as potential candidates include:

-Former Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti

-Current Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde

-Current Athletic Bilbao manager Eduardo Berizzo

Whoever is chosen as the new head coach will have big shoes to fill, as Enrique led Spain to a historic World Cup victory in 2010 and was widely considered one of the best coaches in the world.


It’s been a tough few months for Spanish football fans. First, the team failed to make it past the group stage at the World Cup, and now Luis Enrique has stepped down as head coach. It’s certainly been a difficult time for Spanish football, but with Enrique’s departure, there is an opportunity for a new era to begin. Hopefully, the next head coach can lead the team to better results and help restore Spanish football to its former glory.

Following Spain’s Disappointing World Cup Performance, Luis Enrique Steps Down As Head Coach


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