Do You Love Sports And Fashion? Try The Sportswear Sets From Dedoles!

Do You Love Sports And Fashion? Try The Sportswear Sets From Dedoles!

Did you do sports at a young age? Or did you start exercising as a pastime during the pandemic?

Does your sports outfit consist of old sweatpants and a worn T-shirt? Then don’t hesitate and choose a new sports outfit! It has to look good, of course. The latest trend in sportswear is colors and patterns of all kinds. With this fitness outfit, you can strengthen your self-confidence and have more fun while exercising.

The Essence Lies In Comfortable Underwear

All amateur and professional athletes know how important clothing is to their performance. Sportswear has to be comfortable, but also functional – that’s why you shouldn’t underestimate the materials and cuts.

High-Quality Sports Bra

All women understand that a good quality sports bra can prevent many annoying problems. Regardless of whether you have small or large breasts, the right bra prevents pain. It encloses your breasts tightly and prevents the connective tissue from stretching too much. This is why a sports bra is essential for an effective workout.

Comfortable Panties

We must not underestimate the importance of the lower part of the underwear. Did you know that some women avoid certain sports because their panties can be uncomfortable when moving? However, thanks to the fun and comfortable panties from Dedoles, this problem is a thing of the past! The 100% cotton ensures maximum comfort so that you can concentrate fully on the training.

What About Socks?

Many people focus on the choice of sneakers when buying sportswear. But don’t forget that you have to wear something underneath! Sports socks have direct contact with your skin. You should therefore meet a number of important criteria. Traditional socks provide comfort for everyday activities but are not the best choice for more intense outdoor activities. It is important to buy suitable socks for the sport you play.

Original Colorful Leggings

It’s no secret that a good bra and a comfortable pair of leggings are an absolute must for any active woman. The leggings from the Dedoles brand bring out every curve of your figure perfectly, and they have one more superpower. They bring an extra dose of a good mood into all of your workouts. They are a combination of high-quality functional material, lively colors, and fun patterns. Just choose your favorite design!

And that is exactly what the Dedoles brand’s sportswear collection is all about. There is a huge selection of leggings and underwear, including sports bras, panties, and socks in all colors and unique patterns. Pamper yourself with your favorite sports with sportswear from Dedoles, which offers perfect comfort!

The European Sports Culture

Football is Germany’s dominant sport, which is tirelessly supported and cultivated by millions. Again we got the EM fever, although the 2018 World Cup ended miserably for the German soccer team. Fans trust the national team and count them again among the favorites of the European Championship, as the soccer betting odds of 9.0 on Betway prove. (Status: June 11th). But Germany is not the only European country that is addicted to football.

In his free time, all of Europe regularly gets into football mania in national and international tournaments. Bets are placed, the latest fan articles are bought or get-togethers are organized especially for football discussions. Accordingly, the media are also overwhelmed with news, films, and documentaries about football. Other disciplines often only find a small voice.

It seems unbelievable to us Europeans that other countries have different preferences when it comes to sport and leisure. And sometimes there isn’t even a ball in play. Here are five exceptional disciplines that proudly have national sport status.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is Thailand’s official national sport from the group of backlash games, whose roots go back to the 16th century. This is a ball sport in which the ball is played with the feet over a net into the opposing half of the field. A three-person team may touch the ball three times in a row to kick it back. Does that sound unspectacular? Far deceived.

The game is one of the fastest and most acrobatic ball sports disciplines in the world. Overhead kicks, scissor jumps, and somersaults are part of the standard program. When it comes to flexibility, even spectacular ballet choreographies can be hard to keep up. Sepak Takraw is particularly popular in Southeast Asian countries. But there has also been a league in Europe since 2003. Although hardly anyone in Germany knows the ball game, surprisingly, the German team is the most successful non-Asian team in the world.

Chilean Rodeo

Chile’s official national sport is rodeo, which has been an important part of rural sports culture for 400 years. The rodeo competitions take place in specially built arenas. Cowboys compete in pairs on horses to capture cattle and bulls in three different ways. The winning pair of the competition is determined by a jury, which awards up to four points for successful moves or deducts points if a cow escapes.

The rodeo season starts at the beginning of September and lasts until the end of March. A rodeo event often starts with a party with lots of traditional music, dancing, and food. However, like the bullfights in Spain, the Chilean rodeo is heavily criticized by animal rights activists. Activists regularly organize protests to enforce a ban on the sport. because unfortunately, the animal arena is not as romantic as it is in films.

Whether it’s a different kind of wrestling match, speedball sports, or sports on horses, some national sports offer extremely interesting entertainment beyond the football culture that we are used to in Europe. Anyone interested in exotic sports cultures and unusual entertainment should therefore take a look at the evening programs in countries outside the European borders.


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