Do Babies Lose Weight When Teething

Do Babies Lose Weight When Teething

Searching for Do babies lose weight when teething? In this article, we discuss whether babies lose weight when teething.

What Is Teething

Teething is when the teeth start to come out of the baby’s gums. It can be frustrating for both the baby and the parents. But knowing what to expect during teething and how to make teething a little less painful can go a long way.

When Does Teething Start

Although teething can start as early as 3 months of age, you will most likely see your child’s first tooth start to protrude at the edge of his gums when he is 4 to 7 months old.

The first teeth to emerge are usually the more subordinate incisors, also known as central incisors. After 4 to 8 weeks, they are usually followed by the four upper incisors (central and lateral). About a month later, the lower lateral incisors (the two teeth located on either side of the lower central incisors) will appear.

The next teeth that come out are the baby molars (or molars, located at the back of the mouth and that we use to grind food) and, finally, the upper canines (the pointed teeth of the upper jaw) come out.

Most Babies have their 20 baby teeth at about the age of three. (If your child gets much slower, talk to your doctor.)

In rare cases, some babies are born with one or two teeth, or their first tooth erupts during the first few weeks of life. Except in those cases where these teeth interfere with feeding or are too loose and pose a risk of choking and aspiration suffocation, this is not usually a cause for concern. Here I write the article about losing weight: How Much Weight Can You Lose In 24 Hours? Go and read the informative article.

The process of teething is a rather delicate period for the baby, which can give rise to stress and discomfort of various kinds. Among these, one of the most common is lack of appetite.

Do Babies Lose Their Appetite When Teething

Teething is a natural phenomenon that can cause various symptoms. Loss of appetite can be one of its manifestations.

Some babies are less hungry than usual or shun foods they love. Others have a finicky appetite that they skip one meal to make up for the next. No worries! The baby can spend a few days eating less or even negligible. No need to force him to finish his bottle or his plate. Be flexible and accept his refusals.

Do Babies Eat Less When They Are Teething

Just as adults can stop eating when we feel bad, so can our children. The gums are swollen and tender to the touch just before a tooth comes in. So any solid food in your baby’s mouth could cause more pain.

That said, not all babies lose their appetite when teeth erupt. As with everything else, everyone is different. Studies show that only about a third of babies lose their appetite when teething.

How Much Weight Should Children Gain According To Their Age

It is difficult to give an exact figure since weight gain depends on many factors: sex, age, diet, and genetics; Nor will they increase the same healthy children as children with diseases, nor a premature baby (who was born earlier than it was his turn) than a full-term one.

To know if the weight gain is adequate, pediatricians are very helpful with growth charts and percentiles. In this way, we know if a boy or girl has a normal weight for their age and height and, most importantly, we know if the weight gain is adequate and remains at a similar percentile throughout their growth;

Or, on the contrary, there is a very striking decrease or increase that makes us be alert and rule out possible diseases.

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