Did Injuries Make France Better At World Cup 2022? Why Les Bleus Don’t Need Karim Benzema Back For The Final

Did Injuries Make France Better At World Cup 2022? Why Les Bleus Don’t Need Karim Benzema Back For The Final

It’s no secret that Les Bleus have been struggling this World Cup. They’ve gone 2-2 so far and are currently in the Group Stages of the tournament. And while there are many factors to consider, injuries may be the biggest one plaguing France. Karim Benzema, who has been a key part of Les Bleus for many years, was injured in their opening match against Australia and hasn’t played since. As a result, he is no longer eligible to play in the knockout stages of the World Cup. While this injury doesn’t rule him out completely from playing in the Final, it raises some interesting questions about whether or not Benzema is actually needed for France at this point. After all, his presence may only be hurting his team rather than helping them.

The France World Cup Squad

The France World Cup Squad was announced on Monday and it has some big names, but there are also a few surprises. Hugo Lloris is not in the squad, for example, and this could mean that he is moving to Tottenham Hotspur. The other big surprise is that Kylian Mbappe isn’t in the squad despite being one of the best players in the world.

However, there are a lot of experienced players in the squad and they will be looking to win their fourth World Cup. This year’s tournament has been very competitive and France have had to rely on their collective efforts to progress. However, they have been successful so far and this could mean that they can go all the way this time.

France will be fighting against Croatia, Argentina, Belgium and England in what is sure to be an exciting final. Their opponents are all quality sides, but France have proved themselves time and again so they will be favourites going into the match.

How Did France Perform In The World Cup?

France’s campaign at the World Cup was far from perfect. They were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Belgium, who they had beaten in their opening game. But despite this early exit, the French squad performed well overall. They finished as the third best team in Group C, only behind Argentina and Portugal.

One reason for France’s good showings was their injury-free group stage. Captained by Hugo Lloris, their back line was largely untested until these last few games of the tournament. This allowed them to gel as a unit and play at their best. Despite being eliminated in the quarterfinals, Les Bleus can be proud of their performance and should be excited about what lies ahead for 2020.

What Factors Led To France’s Success?

Injuries have been a big part of France’s recent success story. With players like Benzema and Pogba missing games at key moments, the team has managed to come back and win tournaments.

France’s World Cup run was built on a foundation of resilience. The team bounced back from early deficits by winning Group C and then beating Australia, Peru and Denmark in the knockout stage. Trailing 2-0 against Belgium in the quarterfinals, France clawed its way back to win 4-2 after holding on for a shootout.

Due to their injuries, however, Benzema and Pogba are not 100% fit for the final. Without them, France may struggle against Croatia.

Should Karim Benzema Return For The Final?

France reached the World Cup final without Karim Benzema and it was a success. There are many reasons why Benzema’s absence made the team better and this article investigates each one.

First of all, without Benzema in the lineup, other players had to step up and fill his shoes. Olivier Giroud led the team in goals with six while Antoine Griezmann contributed four assists. This type of distribution is necessary when your top scorer is unavailable as Benzema is usually a focal point for Les Bleus. With more players able to take on defensive duties, the team was less pressured and could focus more on scoring goals.

Another benefit of sans Benzema was that Young Boys goalkeeper Yohan Cabaye was forced to play more regularly due to how ineffective Benzema has been in recent seasons. Cabaye made some crucial saves in key matches throughout the tournament and showed he can be relied on in big moments. Had Benzema been available, it’s likely he would have played fewer minutes overall because of Giroud’s presence on the pitch.

Injuries were also a factor for France’s success at the World Cup without Karim Benzema. The 28-year-old has struggled with various injuries over the last few years which has caused him to miss important matches for club and country. These injuries have taken their toll on him physically and mentally, which has shown during this World Cup where he has not looked himself physically or scored


Injuries have been a major talking point for Les Bleus heading into the World Cup in Russia, with many questioning whether or not Karim Benzema is even capable of playing at this level due to his history of injuries. However, despite being missing some key players, France managed to pull off a 2-1 victory over Uruguay in their opening match and are now looking forward to their final group stage game against Australia on Sunday. With less pressure on them and without the distraction of an injured star player, it is possible that France could do even better in their final Group C match.


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