Colton Underwood Net Worth

Colton Underwood Net Worth

Colton Underwood has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He started out playing college football for Illinois State University. After he finished his college football career, Underwood joined the San Diego Chargers as a free agent. He was also on the practice squads for the Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles. As a member of the practice squad, he did not play a regular NFL game and was not part of the main team.

Colton Underwood is a former professional soccer player and reality star who recently became the first leading man in Bachelor Nation history to come out as gay. It’s no secret that his relationship with Cassie Randolph, who he had chosen to be with on her season of ‘The Bachelor,’ resulted in a restraining order against him.

However, according to ‘Coming Out Colton’, it was then that he felt the most relief because he knew that he finally had to start living the truth about himself instead of repressing it. So now that some time has passed, let’s get back to focusing on his career path and his net worth, shall we?

What Is Colton Underwood’s Net Worth?

With his non-profit organization, his NFL career, and his presence as a public figure, Colton Underwood’s estimated net worth hovers around the $1 million mark. Considering his professional career, the fact that he carries the name of the Indianapolis Colts seems totally appropriate now.

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But we must mention that his fortune is only expected to increase, especially with the platform he has managed to create for himself and his own Netflix series, ‘Coming Out Colton’.

Underwood’s Career

Technically, Colton Underwood doesn’t have an official NFL stat to his name because he never made a regular-season roster. He was not drafted in 2014 but has signed with the Chargers to be an outside linebacker.

Similarly, Colton has signed in May 2014 and released in August. Colton has spent six days on the Eagles’ practice squad before returning to the Chargers at the end of the year. Colton headed to the Raiders in 2016, where he converted to become a tight end. Underwood did not make the chart and was released two weeks later.

In a 2017 interview with The Journal Star, Colton said he suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to give up his football career. Underwood said he had a serious shoulder problem and had shoulder surgery. Underwood played a children’s game for a long time and it’s bittersweet, but he’s ready to move on.

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Similarly, he told the publication that he suffered a torn ligament and also a fracture in his left shoulder joint. So this happened during the first day of padded practice with the Raiders. Currently, he is playing the main cast on the 23rd season of Bachelor.

Colton Underwood Family Details

There are some celebrities who are born into famous families. They get some facilities because of their family. And there are some celebrities who became celebrities with their own hard work and talent. So, fans are very interested to know about the details of the family.

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Let’s find out about Colton Underwood Family

Colton Underwood’s parents’ name is Scott Underwood and his mother’s name is Donna Underwood. Both parents were star athletes at Illinois State University, Scott played college football, and his mother played volleyball. He has a brother and his name is Connor Underwood.

Colton Underwood Height And Weight

How tall is Colton Underwood? He is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 116 kilograms. He is also a fitness enthusiast. He has blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Colton Underwood’s Girlfriend, Affair, And Marriage

Who is Colton Underwood’s girlfriend? From 2016 to 2017, he was in a relationship with gymnast Aly Raisman. Following his stint on The Bachelor, he began dating Cassie Randolph in 2019. Also, from November 2018 to May 2020, Underwood and Randolph were in a relationship.

FAQ About Colton Underwood

Is Colton Underwood in a relationship?

Yes. As of July 2022, Colton is still in a relationship with Jordan C. Brown. They even got engaged. In the past, Colton dated Aly Raisman and Tia Booth.

How old is Colton?

Colton Underwood is a popular reality star from Indiana who was born on January 26, 1992. His hometown is the American city of Indianapolis. Colton is of American nationality and white ethnicity. The faith she strongly believes in is unknown. He is 30 years Old.

Who are Colton Underwood’s parents?

Thanks to his parents, Colton grew up very athletic. His dad, Scott, played football in college and his mom, the Donna, was very good at volleyball. His parents were really star athletes. There he played soccer like his father.

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