Billionaire LeBron James’ Mother Gloria Was Arrested During A Dark Phase For The “James Family”

Billionaire LeBron James’ Mother Gloria Was Arrested During A Dark Phase For The “James Family”

LeBron James’ mother Gloria was arrested during a dark phase for the “James Family”. The “James Family” is an American family of media personalities, businesspeople and athletes. LeBron James is one of the most popular athletes in America and his mother has been heavily involved in his upbringing. Gloria James was arrested on December 10, 2009 at a time when her son’s career was on the decline and she was reportedly experiencing mental health difficulties. She was charged with misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and battery after allegedly slapping a security guard at a Miami-Dade airport. Later that year, she entered into a plea agreement which dismissed all charges against her. However, the incident raised questions about her parenting skills and her role in her son’s professional life.

Gloria James Was Arrested On Drug Charges

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, LeBron James’ mother Gloria was recently arrested on drug charges. The arrest comes during a dark phase for the “James Family” as multiple members have been involved in criminal activities over the past few years.

Gloria James was booked into the Cuyahoga County Jail on December 12th and was charged with felony cocaine possession. According to reports, police found nearly a pound of cocaine at her home. It is unclear if she has an attorney yet.

Gloria James has had a tumultuous past with her son. She is currently facing kidnapping and assault charges stemming from an incident that occurred in 2010 when she allegedly took her son out of school to take him to Florida where he would spend time with his father Dwyane Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union. Gloria James later dropped the charges against her son and blamed Gabrielle Union for instigating the situation.

In another incident, Gloria James was accused of assaulting two women outside a casino in Las Vegas in February of this year. One woman claimed that Gloria hit her in the face, while the other said Gloria threw a drink at her and called her a slur before punching her in the face. Both cases were eventually dropped after surveillance footage contradicted witness testimony.

Gloria James Has A Complicated Relationship With Her Son, LeBron James

Gloria James has a complicated relationship with her son, LeBron James. While she loves him dearly, Gloria has had a series of dark times in her life, including an arrest that occurred during one of these difficult periods.

In February 2003, while LeBron was playing high school basketball in Ohio, Gloria was arrested on felony charges of credit card fraud and aggravated theft. At the time of her arrest, Gloria was reportedly in debtors’ prison and was facing up to eight years in jail if convicted. According to ESPN journalist Brian Windhorst, “LeBron’s father [Lenny] didn’t get along with his mother very well,” which may have contributed to the turmoil within the family during this time.

Despite the charges against her, Gloria later testified against her former husband and helped send him to prison for six months. In 2005, Gloria filed for divorce from Lenny and began dating NBA player Marc Gasol shortly after. The couple married in 2009 and have four children together.

Gloria seems to have turned her life around since her darkest period and continues to support her son in his career as a professional basketball player and prominent figure in the world of philanthropy. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and often speaks about overcoming obstacles in life.

Gloria James Is The Mother Of NBA Superstar LeBron James

Gloria James was born on December 25, 1961 in Akron, Ohio to Kermit and Addie (nee Simpson) James. She is the mother of NBA superstar LeBron James. Gloria had a difficult childhood and was arrested during a dark phase for the “James Family”. Gloria battled personal demons and addiction during her teenage years which led to her arrest for drug possession at the age of 18. After completing a rehabilitation program, Gloria moved out of her parents home and began working as a secretary at a local business. Gloria met LeBron when he was playing high school basketball in nearby Stow-Munroe Falls. They married in 1993 and had their first child, daughter Malyon Hill, in 1996. After winning his first championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2008, LeBron announced that he was moving to Miami to play for the Heat where Gloria would soon become second-in-command behind owner Micky Arison. The couple welcomed their third child, son Bronny James, in 2010.

Gloria James Is A Billionaire

Gloria James, mother of NBA superstar LeBron James, was arrested during a dark phase for the “James Family.” The arrest occurred in 1996 when Gloria was caught on camera throwing a wine bottle at her husband’s mistress. The incident resulted in misdemeanor battery charges and a restraining order. In 2000, Gloria was arrested again after getting into an altercation with security guards at a casino. Charges were eventually dropped against her due to lack of evidence.

Despite these incidents, Gloria has always been supportive of her son and his career. She has also been very vocal about her disapproval of Wade’s relationship with model Khloe Kardashian. In an interview with Ebony magazine, Gloria said that she doesn’t think Wade is good enough for her daughter: “Wade isn’t good enough for Khloe because he doesn’t have anything going on in his life outside of basketball … He doesn’t have anything going for himself other than basketball.”

In 2013, Gloria became one of the wealthiest women in America when she sold her stake in basketball franchise the Cleveland Cavaliers to business mogul Dan Gilbert for $200 million. With this wealth, Gloria has been able to help support her son through his successes and setbacks throughout his career.


In an article by, it was revealed that LeBron James’ mother Gloria was arrested during a dark phase for the “James Family”. This arrest happened in November of 2010 and involved Gloria being charged with drug possession and burglary. It is unknown what led to this dark phase for Gloria, but it seems as though she had hit a low point in her life at the time of her arrest. It is interesting to see the lengths that LeBron went to try and keep his mother out of jail, including hiring high-priced lawyers and paying bail money herself. Even now, 10 years after her arrest, Gloria remains very close with LeBron and their four children.


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