Argentina Vs. The Netherlands: His Team Has Advanced To The Quarterfinals Thanks To Lionel Messi

Argentina Vs. The Netherlands: His Team Has Advanced To The Quarterfinals Thanks To Lionel Messi

Argentina and the Netherlands are two of the most well-known soccer teams in the world. And, as of late, they’ve been in the news for their matchup in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The game was a close one, with Argentina ultimately winning thanks to a goal from star player Lionel Messi. But, it didn’t come without controversy. The Dutch team felt that they should have had a penalty kick in the second half, which could have changed the outcome of the game. Now, Argentina is moving on to the quarterfinals where they will face France. It’s sure to be an exciting match, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest news.

Argentina’s Group Stage Results

Argentina started their World Cup campaign with a 2-1 victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lionel Messi scored the winning goal in the 89th minute to give Argentina the win. They followed that up with a 1-0 win over Iran thanks to a Messi goal in the first half. In their final group stage match, Argentina drew 0-0 with Nigeria. Messi had a chance to win the game late, but his penalty kick was saved. Thanks to their two wins, Argentina finished first in their group and advanced to the quarterfinals.

The Netherlands’ Group Stage Results

The Netherlands’ group stage results were as follows:

They defeated Chile 2-0 in their opening match, with goals from Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuaín.

In their second match, they drew 1-1 with Australia, with Tim Cahill scoring for the Socceroos and Sergio Agüero equalising for Argentina.

Their final group match was a 0-0 draw with Spain, meaning that they finished in second place behind the reigning world champions.

This meant that they faced a tough test in the round of 16, against a very good Mexico side. However, thanks to two goals from Messi, they won 2-1 and advanced to the quarter-finals.

Argentina’s Round Of 16 Match Against Switzerland

After a close match against Switzerland, Argentina has advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. Thanks to a late goal from Lionel Messi, Argentina was able to win 1-0 and move on in the tournament. This was a close match for Argentina, as they were not the better team throughout the 90 minutes. However, they were able to find a way to win, thanks in large part to their star player, Lionel Messi. With this win, Argentina will now face either Belgium or USA in the quarterfinals.

The Netherlands’ Round Of 16 match Against Mexico

In the Round of 16, The Netherlands will face Mexico. This will be a difficult match for The Netherlands, as Mexico is a strong team. However, The Netherlands has the advantage of being the home team. Additionally, Lionel Messi is expected to play a big role in this match. The Netherlands will need to be at their best to win this match and advance to the quarterfinals.

Why Lionel Messi Is The Best Soccer Player In The world

Lionel Messi is the best soccer player in the world because of his incredible skill and ability to make plays that other players simply cannot. Messi is a magician with the ball at his feet, and he has the vision and creativity to see passes that other players would never even think of. He also has an unrivaled work ethic, and he is always looking to improve his game. Messi is a true competitor, and he always wants to win. He has proved time and time again that he is the best player in the world, and he will continue to do so for many years to come.

Comparison Of Argentina And The Netherlands’ Quarter Final Opponents

When it comes to the quarterfinals of the World Cup, Argentina and the Netherlands have both been lucky enough to face relatively easy opponents. Argentina will take on Belgium, while the Netherlands will face Costa Rica.

Both teams have had their share of success against their quarterfinal opponents in the past. Argentina has won four out of six meetings against Belgium, while the Netherlands has won two out of three meetings against Costa Rica.

However, recent form would suggest that Argentina may have a slightly tougher task on their hands than the Netherlands. Belgium have not lost a game in over a year, while Costa Rica were beaten 3-1 by The Netherlands in their last meeting back in September 2013.

Looking at each team’s path to the quarterfinals, it is clear that Argentina has had a much easier ride than the Netherlands. They cruised through their group stage games, only conceding one goal along the way. The Netherlands, on the other hand, scraped through their group with just two points to spare and looked far from impressive in doing so.

So, while both teams may have favorable records against their quarterfinal opponents, it is Argentina who looks to be in a better position heading into this crucial match-up.

Who Will Win The Quarter Final Match?

It’s hard to say who will win the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands. On one hand, Argentina has Lionel Messi, who is arguably the best player in the world. On the other hand, the Netherlands have a strong team overall and have been playing well lately. Ultimately, it will come down to which team plays better on the day of the match.


Lionel Messi is one of the best soccer players in the world, and his team has advanced to the quarterfinals thanks to him. He is a huge asset to Argentina and their chances of winning the World Cup. Thank you, Lionel Messi, for everything.

Argentina Vs. The Netherlands: His Team Has Advanced To The Quarterfinals Thanks To Lionel Messi


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