Amari Bailey Mom | Age, Relationship

Amari Bailey Mom | Age, Relationship

Amari Bailey’s mom Johanna Leia whom you might also recognize as Drake’s ex-girlfriend—was speechless…posting a heartwarming thank you note to her 17-year-old son. Johanna Leia is the mother of Amari bailey HS basketball player and partner of LeBron James’s son.

Johanna Leia is a model, popular American Entrepreneur, and former reality star. She grew up in Chicago but later moved to her native Los Angeles with her mother, son, and daughter. 

Who Is Johanna Leia

Johanna Leia is a 40-year-old model and former reality TV star. She follows the Christian faith and was raised in Chicago, but later moved to her native Los Angeles with her mother, her son, and her daughter.

The model rose to fame after starring in a popular reality series called Lifetime’s Bringing Up Ballers. The series revolves around Johanna and four other Chicago-area businesspeople. These hard-working women will stop at nothing to make sure their businesses are successful and their children are on their way to making it to the NBA too.

The show, however, failed to capture the attention of viewers and was pulled from the network. It only had six episodes before it was canceled. These women are anything but do-it-alls as they balance their personal and business lives. They were also seen managing their children’s daily practices and games on the TV show.

Leia has an impressive social media presence with 296,000 followers! She has also worked with popular brands with Fashion Nova.

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What iI Johanna Leia’s Age

She was born on Feb 19th, 1981 and as of now, she is 41 years old. Her birthday is the 19th day of the month of Feb.

Johanna Leia and Aaron Bailey’s Relationship

Aaron Bailey has been married to Johanna Leia for a long time.

The two had two children together, and now they have been separated for some time, according to news reports.

The reasons for the separation are not announced publicly.

This woman was raised in the United States, and little is known about her family background.

Drake and Amari Bailey’s Mom, Johanna Leia, Dating

The 34-year-old Canadian singer and rapper Drake was recently spotted at Dodger Stadium on a romantic date with Johanna Leia, the influencer mother of Sierra Canyon HS basketball player Amari Bailey. 

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Who Is Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is known as a Canadian singer and rapper but he credits his career to his role on the television series Degrassi. In recent years, He gained a lot of fame because of some of his superhits. He came in limelight after his relationship with young basketball player Amari Bailey’s mom is in these days. 

FAQ About Amari Bailey’s

How old is Amari bailey’s mom

Moving on to her age, professional basketball player Amari Bailey is only 17 years old. She was born in the year 2004 and celebrates her birthday every year on February 17th. While her mother, Johanna, on the other hand, is currently 41 years old. She was born in the year 1981 on February 19.

What is Amari Bailey’s ethnicity

Bailey is Jewish through his mother From him. Bailey’s father, Aaron, played for the National Football League’s Indianapolis Colts, as well as other football leagues, following a college career in Louisville.

What is amari bailey age?

He is 18 year old. 

What does Amari Bailey’s mom do for a living?

Johanna Leia is a model, popular American Entrepreneur, and former reality star. She grew up in Chicago but later moved to her native Los Angeles with her mother, son, and daughter.

Who is Amari bailey related to

Johannah is the mother of two, 17-year-old Amari Bailey and a 7-year-old daughter named Savannah.

What’s Amari baileys mom’s Instagram

Click here for Instagram Johanna Leia

Who is drake’s GF

Drake splits from Johanna Leia and is dating a new woman. Drake is usually secretive when it comes to his personal life, so fans were shocked when he posted his girlfriend. Juana Leia on his Instagram page in September.

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