5 best team comps for Itto in Genshin Impact (June 2023)

5 best team comps for Itto in Genshin Impact (June 2023)

Team composition is one of the most important aspects of ITTO in Genshin Impact. The right team composition can help you achieve success in your training. However, choosing the right team composition is not easy. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best team comps for ITTO in Genshin Impact. This list includes factors such as job experience, skill set, and personality type. Use this list to help you make the perfect team for your training.

Top 5 team compositions for Arataki Itto that Genshin Impact players can experiment with

  1. Triple Geo

For those of you who are looking to build your best team for the upcoming Itto in Genshin Impact, here are some suggested combinations based on the latest Triple Geo rankings. 

-Double Geo: (1) Shouta Kageyama/Yuji Nagata; (2) Tiger Mask IV/Kazuchika Okada; (3) Hiroshi Tanahashi/EVIL

  1. Itto Gorou Albedo Zhongli

Itto has been performing well in Genshin Impact and has been able to secure a few unusual picks due to the meta. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best team comps for Itto Gorou Albedo Zhongli.

1. Dragon Ball Super Saiyan 3 Goku/Gohan/Vegeta

This is probably one of the most common teams seen on Itto, as it allows for consistent damage output while controlling the field. With Goku as the main attacker, Gohan can provide support with his excellent attacking and healing abilities. Vegeta can act as a tank and control the battlefield with his powerful moveset. This team is very versatile and can handle almost any situation that comes up. 

2. Monster Hunter World Rathalos/Yian Kut-Ku/Diablos

This team is devastating when played correctly, as Rathalos can easily rack up damage while Yian Kut-Ku absorbs shots from enemies. Diablos can protect them both and deal massive amounts of damage himself. This team is not recommended for beginners, but if you are familiar with Monster Hunter World then this is a great team to play on Itto Gorou Albedo Zhongli. 

3. Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Uchiha (Ultimate)/Naruto Uzumaki (Chunin)/Sasuke Uchiha (Genin)

This is another popular team on Itto Gorou Albedo Zhongli

  1. Itto Gorou Albedo Diona

1. Albedo Diona 2. Dark Seer 3. Puck 4. Jakiro 5. Lifestealer 6. Dragon Knight 7. Outworld Devourer 8. Batrider 9. Razor 10. Ursa

  1. Itto Gorou Zhongli Bennett

Itto Gorou Zhongli Bennett is a samurai game that has been gaining in popularity since its release in 2014. Genshin Impact, a monthly online tournament hosted by PlayGo, offers a great opportunity to test out new team compositions and see how they perform against other top players.

In this article, we will be discussing the best team comps for Itto Gorou Zhongli Bennett in Genshin Impact (June ).

  1. Itto Geo MC Zhongli Bennett

1.) Itto Geo MC Zhongli Bennett: This is the best team comp for Itto in Genshin Impact. Bennett has great synergy with both of his partners and can easily take down enemies one-on-one. With a solid offensive game, Bennett can easily take down opponents and secure victories for your team.

2. Sazae Hashimoto (Jin Air Green Wings): Sazae is a powerful mid laner who can easily take down enemies with her strong burst damage and crowd control abilities. Her teamfighting skills are top notch, making her an invaluable asset to have on your side in fights. Her presence will likely deter opponents from challenging you, allowing teammates to focus on taking down enemy champions uncontested.

3. Kha’Zix (Gentingso Tigers): Kha’Zix is a fearsome jungler who can easily take down enemies with his amazing ganks and sustain abilities. His ultimate ability allows him to teleport directly to an opponent, ensuring that he always remains close by to pick off targets unsuspecting. His tanky playstyle makes him difficult for opponents to handle, making him an essential part of any successful strategy.

4. Zac (Ahq e-Sports Club): Zac is a versatile AD carry who excels at dealing significant damage quickly and efficiently. His sustained attacks make it very difficult for opponents to survive against him indefinitely, which should help your team tremendously in taking down enemy champions and inhibitors.


In this article, we have compiled five best team comps for Itto in Genshin Impact (June 2022). By using these team compositions, you can prepare yourself better for the competition. Make sure to practice with these setups often to be on top of your game!


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