2022 World Cup ‘Moment Of The Day’: When Portugal’s Team Sheet Confirmed Ronaldo…

2022 World Cup ‘Moment Of The Day’: When Portugal’s Team Sheet Confirmed Ronaldo…

The 2022 World Cup is fast approaching, and with it comes a whole host of speculation. Who will be crowned champions? Which teams will disappoint? Will there be any major upsets? One thing that’s certain is that the tournament will be full of unforgettable moments. Here, we take a look at one potential ‘moment of the day’ from the 2022 World Cup: when Portugal’s team sheet confirms Ronaldo as their captain. With the star player now in his 30s, this could be his final chance to lead his country to glory on the international stage. Read on to find out more about this potential moment and what it could mean for the tournament.

Portugal’s Team Sheet For The 2022 World Cup

Portugal’s team sheet for the 2022 World Cup has been confirmed, and it includes superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo will be joined by a host of other big names, including Bernardo Silva, Joao Felix, and Ruben Dias.

Portugal will be looking to make a deep run in the tournament, and with this star-studded squad, they have a good chance of doing so.

Ronaldo’s Reaction To Finding Out He’s On The Team

After Portugal’s team sheet was released, Ronaldo was overjoyed to see his name on the list. He immediately called up his family and friends to tell them the news. Ronaldo is known for his competitive spirit, so he’ll be sure to give it his all on the field.

The Internet’s Reaction To Ronaldo Being On The Team

-When Portugal’s starting lineup was announced and Ronaldo’s name was included, the internet went wild.

-Twitter blew up with users expressing their excitement to see Ronaldo compete in the World Cup.

-Many users shared GIFs and memes of Ronaldo celebrating, as well as pictures of him in his Portugal kit.

-Others commented on how lucky Portugal is to have such a talented player on their team.

-Some even went so far as to say that Ronaldo could single-handedly win the World Cup for Portugal.

-No matter what people’s opinions were, it was clear that everyone was looking forward to seeing Ronaldo play in the biggest soccer tournament in the world.

How This Will Affect Portugal’s Chances In The World Cup

Ronaldo’s absence from the World Cup will no doubt have a significant impact on Portugal’s chances of success in the competition. The superstar forward has been a key player for his country over the years, scoring a remarkable 51 goals in 119 appearances for Portugal.

Without Ronaldo, Portugal will undoubtedly be weaker going into the World Cup. They will still have quality players like Bernardo Silva and Andre Silva, but they will miss Ronaldo’s goal-scoring threat and overall star power.

It remains to be seen how Portugal will fare without their talismanic captain, but their chances of winning the World Cup have undoubtedly been dealt a blow.


The 2022 World Cup is still a few years away, but that hasn’t stopped people from already looking ahead to what could happen. One of the most talked-about moments from the tournament so far has been when Portugal’s team sheet confirmed Ronaldo would be playing. This moment was caught on camera and quickly went viral, with people all over the world talking about it. It’s just one example of how the World Cup can bring people together and create moments that will be remembered for years to come.

2022 World Cup ‘Moment Of The Day’: When Portugal’s Team Sheet Confirmed Ronaldo…


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